Tuesday, August 19, 2014

2014 Summer Meeting ~ Boston

I have officially been through a complete year cycle of meetings with my new company! It's hard to believe. It feel like just yesterday I was brand new and dipping my toes in the water!

My third event was last week, held in Boston at the lovely Fairmont Copley Plaza...

The hotel is OLD, and you can tell. It's been beautifully restored, but it's decor is over the top and at times, overwhelming. The space isn't entirely condusive to a 21st century business meeting (more like a 1920s grand ball), but we made it work!

One of my favorite things about the hotel is that they have two dogs who hang out in the lobby. They are there to greet the guests and available for anyone to take on walks! We may or may not have fed one of them, and it may or may have posted up behind our registration desk all week because of it! 

Unintentional twins!

These events are always long days, a lot of work, some stress, but mostly fun! I wouldn't do this job if the results weren't worth the effort. We received so many compliments from the members that the event was great, and that's the best thing to hear!
Thursday night we had rented out two terraces at Fenway. Normally we do dinner and entertainment in the hotel, but we decided to mix it up this time! So, we took 185 people to the Red Sox game! 

There was a dinner BBQ buffet that was delicious and an open bar for everyone. The weather was perfect and everyone was so excited to be there. What a fantastic night.

It was such a success and I never could have done it without our awesome team (some of which are shown above). There is something to be said for that sweet spot of loving your work AND the people who work with you. It really is something to be grateful for and I absolutely recognize that.

I can't believe I've already had 3 meetings. Time really flies! Next up... Palm Spring in December!

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  1. How fun, I've stayed at the Fairmont Copley Plaza before for a wedding so I get the over the top comment on the design and what not. I got really confused because these was a staircase that just disappeared into the ceiling..it made no sense haha


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