Friday, August 15, 2014

Confessional Friday

I confess that since I'm in Boston running my Meeting, I didn't plan anything to post in advance. Bad blogger, bad.

I confess that if I wasn't a Meeting Planner and didn't love my job so much, I would probably be a Matchmaker. I could see myself being the protégé of Patti, the Millionaire Matchmaker.

I confess that I don't drink coffee and I'm OK with that. I actually don't want to start drinking it because I don't want to get addicted to having it every morning.

I confess that I like going to baseball games, but I couldn't care less about the game for the most part. I just enjoy the atmosphere and socializing with everyone.

I confess that my Dad is letting me have my pick of Bengals games in his amazing seats, but I refuse to go to any that are during the winter, because I'm a baby sitting out there in the cold.

I confess that all of this traveling makes me miss Tim and the fur babies something fierce. But having a king bed all to myself is a small luxury I relish every time. We are talking laying diagonal, limbs stretched bliss.

I confess that I'm excited for traveling to die down for a bit so I can just be lazy at home and catch up on all my DVR shows. Project Runway is back and I feel like my life is complete because of it.

I confess that I just had the realization the other day that if/when I get married, I won't have any grandparents alive to attend my wedding. I lost one many years ago, two a few years ago, and the final one this year. I guess I just never thought that would be the case. And it makes me sad.

I confess that I hate reading articles online where they make you click through pages to read the whole thing. It drives me crazy and if I come across one, I immediately close it out. I'm sure it's to spike page views or something, but it's quite annoying.

And that is all for today. I'll be back to normal life Monday, so expect regularly scheduled programming next week!

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