Friday, August 29, 2014

DIY - Window Pane Chalkboard

My mother gave me this window pane a while back. Not sure if she got it at a flea market or what, but I remember thinking that I really like the mint colored, distressed frame, but wasn't crazy about the flower decorations in the glass. But I took it, figuring I could come up with something! 

I channeled my inner Pinterest and came up with the idea to paint the glass panels with black chalkboard paint. That way it would look more updated, I could keep the mint frame part I liked, and we could update it as much as we wanted with chalk!

The bootleg thing about this idea is that you can't really PAINT glass. Well at least that's what Tim and the Home Depot guy told me. But, in typically Kali fashion, I scoffed at them and went ahead with my plan anyways.

Normally, this would totally backfire on me. As it has many times before. But, rest assured, this isn't a DIY fail post - it's a success story! So... in their faces.

Here's what you will need:

- Window pane
- Chalkboard paint
- Brush (pictured is a baby roller, but it was easier to use the wedge sponge brush)
- Painters tape
- Work space
- Alcohol (for drinking)

First,  tape the edges right where the frame meets the glass. I tried to do it without taping and it was a hot mess. So, even thought it's a pain in the ass, just tape it!

Once, it's all taped, start painting! Don't put on too much, just do a thin, even coat.

Give it a couple coats until it's well covered. Let each coat dry COMPLETELY before you start the next one. I did a total of 3 coats.

Now, if you hold it up to light, you will still see some transparency through the paint. Paint and glass don't really get along, so that's why. But, as long as you are hanging this on a wall, it will look like solid black all around, so you're all set! To test, just hold it up against a wall.

Now this part was a bit tricky. Since paint really isn't friends with glass, it wants to peel right off with the blue tape. SO... start with a razor blade and run it along each edge right where the tape meets the paint. Then, carefully and slowly, peel off the tape. There were a couple spots were I didn't razor it right and it started pulling at the paint, so I just stopped, and went back over it with the razor. They were such tiny spots, you can't tell.

Once you get all the tape off, it will look like this!

And it's ready for chalk!

The chalk easily erases with a paper towel so don't worry about mess ups!

I'm using ours as a decorative piece to hang in our guest room. But, you can use yours as more of a traditional chalkboard for notes, reminders, whatever you want!

Here's how it turned out!

Can't wait to hang it up for our guests to enjoy!

Enjoy your long weekend! It's down to the ATL for us to kick off some college football!

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  1. Such a great DIY success story - it looks fantastic! I had to laugh when I saw alcohol on the supply list...that's definitely a necessity for any craft project!

  2. Oh I totally love this idea!! This would be perfect to do for kitchen!


  3. Oh my gosh, I love this!! I'm so gonna try it!!

  4. You are such a great artist, Kali! It's not common to think of that kind of art, especially the materials you used. What you did with the windows are incredible and amazing. Thanks for sharing those ideas! Kudos and all the best to you!

    Lynne Hollaran @ Suburban Glass


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