Tuesday, August 5, 2014

That New Car Face

This post is a sponsored post by Cars.com

Cars are often an overlooked part of our everyday lives. We use them several times a day, but unless we are on the hunt for a new one, or our current one is crapping itself, we usually don't give them much thought.

But, if you think about it, our cars are a big part of our history. Think of a favorite memory, and I bet you can remember what car you had at that time.

We make tons of memories with our vehicles.

Like, the car you grew up riding in. The car that took you 12 hours to New York every year to visit your family. The car your Dad refused to get rid of until it was over 300,000 miles. The car you nicknamed "The Hulk".

Like, the first car you ever owned. It was a hand-me-down, and usually hilarious. You learned to drive with this car and rocked this thing throughout high school. I didn't matter if it was an 18 foot long Cadillac or a purple minivan. This car meant freedom. This car meant never having to get dropped off at a girl-boy party by your parents ever again.

You recall memories like your parent's new van that packed you up and moved you into the college dorms, where you would embark on the newest adventure of your life. And FREEDOM took on an entirely new meaning.

And after a few years of living the college life, it's time to retire the old clunker so you buy your very first car and venture into the scary world of car payments. But it's so pretty and shiny and has leather seats. So you are #newcarface - ing all over the place!

And your family likes Hyundai's so much that your driveway turns into a Hyundai dealership...

And then one cold, rainy day, some moron decides to run a red light and does this to your baby. It covers you in air bag dust and scares the CRAP out of you...

So you mourn your first "real" car and go in search of your new mode of transportation. And you stumble upon Kia's totally remodeled cars. And you test drive the Optima, with it's leather seats, two sunroofs, bluetooth, backup camera, and AIR CONDITIONED SEATS. And as soon as the sales guy said those three magical words you tell him to wrap it up.

And you take this beauty home and to this day love every bit of it. And you tell all your friends how much you love it and you should start getting referral checks from Kia for how many people you send their way. #JustSayin....

And you continue to make memories in your vehicles. Because they are more than just metal on wheels..

They are what you use to take the pups to the dog park.

And the perfect place to tailgate before some horse racing at Keeneland.

Buying a new car is so exciting! And while the urge to be impulsive is pretty intense (at least for me). It's always important to do your research! I spent tons of time online at Cars.com before I ever went out to test drive. I so recommend doing this because knowing what you want and what you can afford ahead of time, makes it that much easier when dealing with those pesky sales people!

If you haven't checked them out, do so. The best thing about Cars.com is they take the drama out of car shopping. (Which trust me, can be like a Real Housewives dinner party.) And right now, they are running an AWESOME  new car promotion. They are going to pay of someone's car loan up to $25,000! Yes, you heard that right!!

Here's how to enter:

  • Upload a pic of YOUR new car and YOUR #NewCarFace to Twitter or Instagram! Make sure to mention @carsdotcom and of course, use #NewCarFace. How fun is this hashtag by te way?? So clever!
  • You can also enter on Facebook by posting the above photo on the Cars.com Facebook wall!

Fine print:
  • Particiapants can only submit 1 entry during the promotional period.
  • Don't forget to visit the contest site for examples of #newcarface entries, additional contest details, and rules!
  • Contest is open to legal US residents (excluding MD, NJ, and TN), 18+ who hold (or whose immediate family member holds) a qualifying vehicle loan or lease. Begins 7/29/14 at 8:00 am CST and ends 1/2/15 at 12:00 pm CST. Prize value up to $25k. Subject to Official Rules at http://bit.ly/1pLUGey. See Official Rules for full details, including eligibility criteria and qualifying vehicle restrictions. Sponsor: Cars.com, a division of Classified Ventures, LLC.
  • Please do not include any personal information, like your license plate number.
  • A "New Car" is considered a new or used car bought or leased on or after 1/1/2012.

So go get your #NewCarFace on!

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