Tuesday, September 9, 2014

9 Childhood Things I Refuse to Quit

9 Childhood Things I Refuse to Quit...

My little nugget niece rockin my shades :)

1. Eating Fruit Loops for breakfast. They are good OK?

2. Cutting the corn off the cob. You know when you are little and have no front teeth? So then mom cuts the corn off so you can eat it. But, there's something about those little chunks of kernels off the cob that tastes so yummy!

3. Funnel cakes and cotton candy. Anywhere these are sold, I will have some.

4. Being mad that I never got the motorized car. Always wanted one of these bad boys.

5. Watching Boy Meets World reruns. Still just as good today!

6. Asking my mom to make me something when I'm at my parents house. (Whiny voice included.)

7. Loving the zoo.

8. Believing that fireworks are magical.

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  1. There is always time for a Boy Meets World rerun (is it bad that I may have gotten sucked into some of the new Girl Meets World episodes too?).

  2. I second all of these...especially cotton candy. WHY would anyone leave that in their childhood?


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