Friday, September 19, 2014

Dog Park Drama

We went to the dog park the other day. Now that the weather has cooled down, it's the perfect time to get the pups out there for some exercise and socialization. Also, what dog lover doesn't get excited to see all the different pups there? Tim and I always try to guess the different breeds we see.

We really know how to have a good time.

When we first arrived, we immediately noticed another Rottweiler. They aren't terribly common so we usually spot them quickly. This one looked like a beast, so we were eager to see him next to Bear to compare.

We got Bear when he was already full grown. But he's only about 75 pounds. Which is pretty small for a Rottie. (They typically get over 100).

The owner of the other one started chatting us up and told us his weighed 145 pounds! I was dumbfounded. That's more than my boss's HUGE great dane. He made Bear look like a Pomeranian.

Anyway.. the dog park fun commenced and all was well. Until I turned to look for Bear and saw a fluffy over-sized dog humping Bear. And not your typical doggy-style humping. This dog was humping Bear's HEAD.

Bear wasn't pleased and kept sending a warning growl his way as he tried to wrestle free. Well this dog was easily twice his size and wasn't letting up. So, I walked over and found who seemed to be the other dog's owner.

Me: "Sorry, my dog is great in all situations. But he draws the line at being humped in the face."

The guy was actually cool about it and said if his dog got bit it was his own fault for trying to hump Bear. Which I'm glad he acknowledged. But he didn't really make a solid effort to get his dog away from Bear. Who was clearly trying to separate himself from the horny dog.

Also, I didn't want to leave the situation to chance so that Bear got to the point where he felt he had to bite the other dog to escape. Because I don't care how cool people seem, if our Rottweiler bites another dog, for whatever reason, we are going to be the ones who get excommunicated from the dog park.

So I finally was able to grab Bear's collar and remove him from the situation. And I proceeded to praise him for keeping his cool whilst getting man-handled.

Side note: I also heard the other guy praise his horse-of-a-dog. Um... you reward humping behavior? That's an interesting training philosophy.

Just when I thought all the drama had subsided, a fiesty little dog started attempting to play a little too rough with Bear. He was growling and nipping at him. In typical Bear fashion, he stood there looking around totally clueless to the other dog's advances. He seriously couldn't care less.

However, Piper saw her big brother getting picked on and took it upon herself to fight back. So she went right up to the brown dog, back hair sticking straight up, and sassed right in his face.

Bear still standing there.. aloof as ever.

Before I know it, the other Rottie (the 145 pounder) comes barreling over and stands in front of Bear and the brown dog, too! He started growling at the brown dog and wouldn't let him get around to Bear.

So now I'm all like what the hell? Is this some breed pact that all Rotties stick together? Bears over here sniffing grass, while 30 pound Piper and 145 pound Shamu are protecting him. I mean the sight was just too comical.

Apparently Rottweilers are in some secret gang.

Soooo.. lesson of the day. Tell your pups not to pick on a Rottie. Especially if there is more than one around.

Also, don't let your dog get humped in the face.

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  1. We went to the dog park in the "trendy" part of Nashville a few times. It was awful. All the dogs had behavioral problems and there was poop everywhere because people would either be socializing or playing with their phones instead of watching their dogs. The last time we went there was a male dog that wouldn't stop humping Marco. He even tried face humping Marco too!!!! I kept pulling the dog off and moving Marco. I could never find the owner. Luckily, we found another park that is closer where the owners are on top of everything.

  2. That story ended a lot better than I thought it would when it first start. I thought there would be a fight. Phew!

  3. Humping is usually more a show of dominance than trying to get it on. I love your dog stories.

  4. I love that they were looking out for him! I cannot stand when people let their dogs hump another like like it's no big deal. So rude!

  5. Whoa, Rottie gangs are scary. So is face humping.


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