Friday, September 5, 2014

Get Fit ~ September Goals

Oh August. I had set some lofty goals but I'm going to have to chalk that one up as a loss. A combination of intense traveling, a stomach bug, and lame excuses made August an epic fail.

My goals were:
Runs: 8
Strength: 6

What happened was:
Runs: 3
Strength 2


I have accepted the fact that some months I may not reach my goals. But it's OK. Because how I perform the next month is not necessarily affected by how I performed the month before.

Yes, I would be faster and able to go further at this time if I had kicked ass in August, but failing to hit the pavement in August doesn't diminish my efforts to increase the amount of times I get out there in September. So that's always good.

To spark a little motivation, I joined LA Fitness near my house so I have an indoor track and strength machines at my disposal for an inexpensive monthly fee.

I also signed up for the Susan G Komen 5K on October 4. Tim and I ran it two years ago and so we are going to do it again! One month to get back to 3.1!

And with that.. my September Goals:

Runs: 11
Strength: 8

/  /  /  /

And before we go today.. just wanted to say that I was so sad to hear that Joan Rivers died. When I heard she was sick I feared this just because of her age. But you would have never guessed she was close to passing with all of her energy and feisty personality! I watch Fashion Police regularly and I admire the way she cracks totally inappropriate jokes without a second thought. I'm all for a filter and political correct-ness, but there's something to be said for complete honesty. Especially when it's hilarious.

She will be missed.

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  1. Loving everyone's fitness goals for September, but shoot. Isn't it almost winter? Like, baggy clothes and sweaters? I'm on the "get fit" train as well, but I think we all got our calendars backward this year... or maybe we're all going on cruises in December?!?! Found you via I Wore Yoga Pants blog comments. :)



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