Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rottweilers Love Water

I'm sure many of you have seen the viral video of the Rottweiler who loves to take showers...

So precious! She would sit in there all day if they let her!

I've read a lot about Rotties and it seems loving water is in their DNA.

Well... there is always the exception to the rule, isn't there?

Exhibit A... my Rottweiler:

Guess Bear will never be a famous YouTube Rottie. 


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  1. I understand. My dog is actually scared of the water. I'll have to find another way to make him Youtube famous.

  2. My dog only likes certain types of water, he loves the stream in the forest but not the lake in the park, and hates the sea but loves those little ponds that the sea makes when the tides going out.. Diva!

  3. I can't keep my lab away from water. Every year he pops the kids pool.


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