Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Running Funk

Lately, I'm really struggling with running. And it's PISSING. ME. OFF.

Last year when I was doing it regularly a few times a week, I was loving it. I felt great physically. Each time it got a little bit easier, and I enjoyed working my way up in distance and speed.

I got to get outside, breathe some fresh air, and get my heart pumping.

Also, the mental benefits were fabulous. I had time to myself to reflect on things, or work through any concerns. It also gave me crazy endorphins that filled me with energy and happiness for the rest of the day.

I felt like Super Woman.

Fast forward to today and I'm frustrated. I've been slowing getting back out there, trying to make it more routine. But it's not coming as easily to me this time around. Every mile seems like 20. My legs feel so heavy. And I'm letting my mind take over when it's hard. I'm letting myself quit.

It's beyond annoying. I'm not feeling the benefits I use to. And each time it's harder to get out there when usually it's the other way around.

Every runner has bad runs. There are some days when it just feels impossible and all you want to do is quit. But it's OK because you have other days where you feel like you could run for the rest of your life.

But since lately they are ALL bad in a row, I'm at a loss. I don't know what to do.

I'm NOT giving up on running. It's the one activity I have come to love and can somewhat stick to. So I need to figure something out.

Now that it's cooling down, I'm hoping that will help a lot.

I also might start trying the elliptical or bike at the gym. I normally don't bother with these because they aren't that difficult. And something in my mind tells me that if I'm not hard-core struggling through a workout, it's not working. (I'm sure my PT friend Rennay is rolling her eyes at me right now.)

But I guess 30 minutes on a bike is better than running for 10 minutes and quitting because I'm struggling.

So, perhaps, cooler weather, a more focus mindset, and mixing up activities can solve my running funk.

I would love to hear from the other runners out there! Have you ever been in a funk like this?? What else can I do to get back to those endorphins I so desperately crave??

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  1. Okay, everyone is different when running, but I'll let you know my thoughts.

    1] Are you starting out too fast when you run now? I used to do that, because i was so amped to run and then wouldn't get nearly as far as normal because I had nothing left. Now, I have to force myself to start out MUCH slower than my normal pace, to ease into the run then I pick it up when I start to feel good.

    2] The heat and humidity can suck the fun out of a run like no ones business. It sucks and isn't worth the pain, so I'm thinking cooler weather might help.

    3] Are you eating well the day you go running? Sometimes a bad food day can really hurt a good run, because your body isn't fueled the way it needs to be.

    4] How old are your shoes? Having old shoes can hurt your gait and therefore put more pressure on other parts of your leg that make you feel sore and tired way earlier than normal. I'd invest in a new pair if your shoes are old.

    5] Are you stretching enough? I am awful at stretching, but I've found when I put in 10 minutes a day/night I have more success when running and doing leg workouts.

    Sorry if this is waaaay too much info or if you've already been there done that. Hopefully your running mojo comes back soon! xoxo

  2. The cooler weather has definitely helped me! Running is SO much mind over matter and I have remind myself of that every single time I run. Someone once told me 'run your own race' and that helps me a lot. You aren't out there to compete with anyone else, just do the very best can that day and hopefully the next day will be a bit easier!

  3. I actually smiled instead of rolling my eyes.

    You know your head isn't in the right place so I'm not going to lecture you about that. But the best idea I can come up with is to forget all of your goals and numbers. Run for the sake of running and enjoy yourself. Run a new route, ditch your watch/app (if you can bear it) and just go. Walk for a bit if you need to then run some more. Sometimes we put so much pressure on a run to be the thing that makes our day better or makes us feel better or earns us a donut or whatever and forget to enjoy it for what it is. It especially happens when we're "coming back" because while we know we can't just jump back in where we left off, we want to and then we're pissed at our bodies for "failing".

    You almost have to play hard to get with your run. Quit jumping in like a desperate schoolgirl who just neeeeeeds this good run and treat it like a first date. You're excited and hope it goes well but if it doesn't I mean, there will always be others. Look back on your history with running and see your favorite runs, what got you excited and try to go back there.

    I have a lot of time to think about this sort of love/hate relationship when I'm running way too many miles so uh, here's my book ;)

  4. I already hate running, but I've been putting on a lot of weight in the last year or so. Like, 20 pounds. And I know cardio is super important but uggggh. I hate it so much! Maybe you can inspire me to like it even as much as you do?



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