Thursday, October 30, 2014

Site Visit ~ Phoenix & Scottsdale

I've never been to the great state of Arizona so I was excited to travel to Phoenix/Scottsdale and see what these cities were all about.

It's funny. I've traveled all over Europe and even to many cities in the US, but lately I've been going places with landscapes that are totally new to me. I recently went to Palm Springs and the whole mountain/desert/oasis set up was really fascinating for this born and raised Kentucky girl.

And then I got to Phoenix/Scottsdale and it was so full of cacti (cactuses?), palm trees, and mountains. I was digging it. I quickly learned which mountain was named "Camelback" and I made it my goal to locate him during every car ride.

I was there scoping out the property we will use for our 2016 December meeting. I toured 3 resorts in Scottsdale and 2 in Phoenix (all hotels will remain anonymous).

Here's some shots from the tours...

 Great open air lobby design.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Too Much of A Good Thing

Talk about first world problems.. our DVR is about to burst at the seams. Like my jeans after Thanksgiving meals.

And then you put football season on top of it and it's a cat fight everyday.

Me: Alright, let's knock out some of these shows.
Tim: It's Thursday. Football
Me: Shit. Thursday already?

Me: Alright, let's knock out some of these shows.
Tim: It's (Saturday, Sunday, Monday).
Me: Curse you, football!!!!!

I need to take a day off work just to catch up on my shows. The struggle is real, my friends.

So here's our line up. And my two cents.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Billboard Chart Toppers - Calling It

As much as I hate paying a monthly subscription (for just about anything), I have to admit that keeping SiriusXM radio alive and kicking in my car has been pretty fun. Maybe it's just me but I'm almost positive songs are played on SiriusXM for a good amount of time before they hit regular radio.

I know this because Tim will randomly say oh this new song is good... and I'm like pshh please I've been jamming to that for weeks! (Read: he doesn't have Sirius.)

I love feeling like I'm one of the "special ones" who gets to hear the up and coming songs before they make their way up the charts.

I also feel that I have a knack for knowing which of these songs are going to swim around the mid-30s/40s of the Billboard Top 100 and which ones are about to skyrocket to the top.

For example, I was listening to a morning show on the way to work one day and one of the hosts was going on and on about a new song he'd heard called "All About That Bass" and how he was convinced it was going to be #1. So he played it for his co-hosts and listeners, many of whom were hearing it for the first time.

Well I promptly tweeted said host, informing him that I had made that call weeks earlier.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

September Workout Results

Yikes, I'm a bit late on this one! Considering it's mid October. But in my defense, how the HAM is it mid-October? Like, seriously.

Here's a reminder of my September goals:
Runs: 11
Strength: 8

And here's what actually happened...

Runs: 9
Strength: 3

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


So I'm really really good about saying no to the idea of any more dogs. As you probably know, we adopted Bear and Piper last year and they are my babies. Even so, Tim has been hounding me about another one for a few months now and I've always told him we are not getting another until one of ours "moves on."

Then one day I was doped up on cold medicine. Like floating high in the sky from Dayquil masking the symptoms of death I was experiencing. And we were at Petsmart picking up our pups from getting bathed. And there was a humane society there from a neighboring city. And they had German Shepherd pups up for adoption. And I walked by and shook my head like I normally do.

But somehow, and I can't quite remember how because, again, I was in a vulnerable position, a puppy ended up out of its crate playing with our dogs. And then we were filling out forms to foster her for two weeks. And then she was on Tim's lap in the car. And then she was peeing on my floor at the house.

So, alas, here we are. I said I would never have a puppy. I said I would never have a third dog. Maybe I should be a politician?

Say hello to Lennox. AKA Lennie.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Am I The Only One?

Am I the only one who doesn't think Bruce Jenner is trying to become a woman?

Yes, he has long hair and ear piercings. But, that hardly makes you a woman. Am I missing something?

Am I the only one who doesn't like pumpkin spice anything?


Am I the only one who would rather buy clothes or a night out than seasonal decorations?

I'm OK that my house doesn't scream fall. I don't want to store that shit once fall is over.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Things I NEVER Thought I'd Say

Hello, you fine creature, you. No, I'm not just talking about the fabulous day that is Friday. Glad you stopped in for a little slice of KALIWOOD before you get the ham out of your office and go tackle the weekend!

If you're here because you're a KALIWOOD resident, then hello, lova. Read my post below and then go check out my guest posting action over in Ashten's hood.

If you're here because you just clicked over from Always Ashten, then WELCOME! I won't label you as 'lova' just yet. I feel I should at least buy you dinner first. Or better yet, why don't you get to know me a bit? Find out about me here and here. Check out my current most popular posts here. Like that time my dog got face humped, or when I dropped some relationship knowledge on you. Or if you are so inclined, check out my running rants or my experience with event planning. But enough about me...

Make sure to leave your blog in the comments so I can find out more about YOU! This relationship should be a two-way street after all.

And now I officially end my ramblings to bring you today's regularly scheduled posting...

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Before & After: Master Bedroom

Happy October!

I'm finally getting around to sharing the before and after of our master bedroom! The start was bad cream carpet and a hodge-podge of furniture.

Tim and I quickly got to work pulling up the old carpet.

This is a process I never thought I would do, but it's actually quite simple and quick. We did it in the town house before we moved so I knew it would be easy. Just cut 4 feet wide strips with razor blade, and roll up!