Thursday, October 16, 2014

Billboard Chart Toppers - Calling It

As much as I hate paying a monthly subscription (for just about anything), I have to admit that keeping SiriusXM radio alive and kicking in my car has been pretty fun. Maybe it's just me but I'm almost positive songs are played on SiriusXM for a good amount of time before they hit regular radio.

I know this because Tim will randomly say oh this new song is good... and I'm like pshh please I've been jamming to that for weeks! (Read: he doesn't have Sirius.)

I love feeling like I'm one of the "special ones" who gets to hear the up and coming songs before they make their way up the charts.

I also feel that I have a knack for knowing which of these songs are going to swim around the mid-30s/40s of the Billboard Top 100 and which ones are about to skyrocket to the top.

For example, I was listening to a morning show on the way to work one day and one of the hosts was going on and on about a new song he'd heard called "All About That Bass" and how he was convinced it was going to be #1. So he played it for his co-hosts and listeners, many of whom were hearing it for the first time.

Well I promptly tweeted said host, informing him that I had made that call weeks earlier.

I tweeted to them on August 4 and as you can see my original tweet was on July 23. 

And what do you know... Currently #1 on Billboard Top 100 (as I'm sure you know by it being played every 2 minutes on the radio now.)

So .. I'm by no means a music connoisseur. I have no music resume. But I am a betting girl. Like, betting people I'll be right and they'll be wrong kinda girl. So, here we are with my newest picks...

MKTO - American Dream

I didn't really like this song at first. But I love other MKTO songs. So I gave it a few listens. There are a couple parts that are really nice on the ears. But this isn't a chart topper. So I'm saying it will get into the Top 10.

Meghan Trainor - Title

Just heard this girls second song on Sirius. I loved her Bruno-Mars-esque style in Bass and love that it's the same with Title. I think this will catch on as well and will be Top 3.

Meghan Trainor - Lips are Moving

Not sure why but I don't think this will do as well as Title. Depending on how soon they start playing this. If they give Title enough time in the spotlight this one could get in Top 10. I must say she's one of my new favorites. I just love that old-school sound. So glad she wasn't a one and done.

Bebe Rexha - I Can't Stop Drinking About You

Something about this chicks voice is really cool... almost haunting. I think this one is a Top 10 contender.

Ella Henderson - Ghost

This one topped the UK charts and I have a feeling if it starts playing more over here it's going to be really popular, like Top 5. Something about it just moves you.

Taylor Swift - Out of the Woods

I actually haven't heard this one on Sirius but it made huge waves when it came out the other day. I'm still on the fence about it but based on the reactions and the fact that it's TSwift I say it gets to #1. The main beat in the chorus reminds me of an old song but I can't put my finger on it. That makes me feel like it's not a unique as people are thinking. But maybe it will grow on me.

So.. thoughts? Have you heard any of these?


  1. I think you've got a pretty good ear for this stuff! That said, I want some XM radio SO badly! It would make longer car rides far more bearable!

  2. My money's on the Can't Stop Drinking About You song!

  3. You've got a gift! I agree with your picks, they'll all be on the top ten!


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