Wednesday, October 8, 2014


So I'm really really good about saying no to the idea of any more dogs. As you probably know, we adopted Bear and Piper last year and they are my babies. Even so, Tim has been hounding me about another one for a few months now and I've always told him we are not getting another until one of ours "moves on."

Then one day I was doped up on cold medicine. Like floating high in the sky from Dayquil masking the symptoms of death I was experiencing. And we were at Petsmart picking up our pups from getting bathed. And there was a humane society there from a neighboring city. And they had German Shepherd pups up for adoption. And I walked by and shook my head like I normally do.

But somehow, and I can't quite remember how because, again, I was in a vulnerable position, a puppy ended up out of its crate playing with our dogs. And then we were filling out forms to foster her for two weeks. And then she was on Tim's lap in the car. And then she was peeing on my floor at the house.

So, alas, here we are. I said I would never have a puppy. I said I would never have a third dog. Maybe I should be a politician?

Say hello to Lennox. AKA Lennie.

Lennox and her brother and sister were abandoned at 8 days old to a kill shelter. The people from P.A.W.S. found out and brought them to their place in Paris, KY. The pups are now 10 weeks old and freaking adorable.

I love my dogs. Bear and Piper are the best pets ever. I am 100% content with them for the rest of their lives. And honestly, two is way more affordable, transportable, and sane. But, if we have the means to save this little nugget's life, then so be it. That's one less dog abandoned and one less dog in a bad home.

(Also, Piper is freakin' pumped there is someone around with enough energy to play with her 24/7. And Bear is loving the break.)

So, welcome little Lennox to our zoo! We are happy to have you and.. well, this should be interesting!

If you have the urge to tell me "you are crazy"  right now, I would appreciate you keeping that comment to yourself. :)

Otherwise, if you can somewhat relate to our dog obsession and have something nice to say, then by all means! :)


  1. Oh my gosh, Lennox is TOO cute! I love dogs and can't wait until I'm able to have one again. My parents have three dogs at home, four cats, three birds and two horses (all rescues), so you'll see no judgement from me. :)

  2. Every time I don't think I'm ready for a dog, I see photos of puppies and want one. Lennox is adorbs!

  3. SHE IS SO CUTE!!! Oh my gosh. I can't wait to hear more about the adventures of Piper, Bear and Lennie! :)

  4. Oh my goodness she is too adorable!! I keep trying to get my other half to let me get a third pup :D


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