Wednesday, October 15, 2014

September Workout Results

Yikes, I'm a bit late on this one! Considering it's mid October. But in my defense, how the HAM is it mid-October? Like, seriously.

Here's a reminder of my September goals:
Runs: 11
Strength: 8

And here's what actually happened...

Runs: 9
Strength: 3

Didn't hit my goal. But I'm OK with it. Since I've talked about my running funk, I'm trying out some new things. I'm taking advantage of my gym membership and trying to go there after work a few times a week.

When I'm there I'm spending at least 30 minutes on a stair/elliptical machine, and then spending 15 minutes in the weight room.

I would like to get a bit more structure to it all. Like focusing on arms/legs on certain days. And getting abs in as much as possible.

But I do get overwhelmed at the gym. So many different machines and areas to focus on. I feel like I never have time for everything.

And then I also feel conflicted because I do love running. I don't want to abandon her altogether. Especially while I still have some cool weather weeks left.

So I'm kind of using October to figure things out. And maybe November if necessary. I know that once it gets too cold to be outside, I'll be stuck with the gym. So it's a good thing that I'm enjoying working out there now. But I need to come up with a plan. And stick to it.

Maybe try to get 1-2 runs in during the week outside (while the weather is nice) and supplement it with gym cardio/weights on other days. And then once winter is upon us do gym exclusively but go in with a plan of areas to focus on. So I'm not all over the place.

Kind of like this post.

Our gym also has free classes so I'd love to mix it up with an ab class or zumba! Need to work on convincing my gym buddies to shake it with me in there. :)

Also.. one thing I'm happy with (even if I'm not meeting my goals), is that it's October and I'm still blogging about fitness. I may not be running or working out as much as I would prefer, but it's still on my mind often. I'm still trying to make it a priority week after week. I'm getting better about believing that just because you missed yesterday, doesn't mean that today doesn't count.

Trying to blog about my fitness each month, and tracking it on MapMyRun has helped at least keep this topic on my mind. And that's always a good thing.

Below I've linked some of my GetFit updates from this year. You can also check out my running tab in the header. This helps me see where I started and where I'm at now.

I urge any of you who want to start making fitness more of a priority to decide now to post about it once a month. Even if you're not posting a success story. Even if it's about how the past month was so hard and you didn't get in as many workouts as you wanted to. At least you're talking about it. Trust me, touching base with yourself every now and then throughout the year will help get you motivated to get back out there.

Until next time! #GETFIT


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  1. I blog about my workouts almost exclusively because I'm I get a prize???! Just kidding.

    In all seriousness, I'm putting together a What Do I Do at the Gym class and I so wish you were local and could take it! Here's a bit of free advice from a new personal trainer, do NOT do abs "as much as possible". They need to rest too! You can always just hire me and I'll help you ;)


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