Friday, October 3, 2014

Things I NEVER Thought I'd Say

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It's funny how you change as you grow older. Your opinions change, your preferences change, your habits change. And usually it's slight changes over such a long span of time that you don't even notice it until a sentence comes pouring out of your mouth that straight up shocks you. There are some things I would have sworn to you I would never say. And yet, here they are...

"Let's go to Drakes tonight. I'm in the mood for sushi."

"Our house is too big for me to keep clean."

"Bud Light makes me sick."

"I'll have a water with lemon, please."

"I love to run."

"No thanks, I'd rather stay in tonight."

"I make a mean skinny buffalo chicken dip!"

"I'm so over Facebook."

"I feel sick. It must be allergies."

"I can't wait to go to West Virginia this weekend."

"I hate my legs."

"I kind of want a tattoo."

"Flats are so much easier than heels."

Sigh. What's happening to the world? I guess this is what it's like getting older...

Anything you've said recently that surprised you? Let me know!

Have a great weekend!




  1. Basically seems like you're slowly entering my life. Never been a huge Bud Lite drinker (although you remember the days when I didn't exactly discriminate...), I'm ALWAYS drinking water (though I don't like restaurant lemons), duh on the running bit, after age 22 I pretty much always want to stay in because I went from drunken semi-teen to elderly in 6 months (plus got really fat), I hate Facebook and still use it, I've always had terrible allergies, am saving up for my next tat that I MUST get before January and transitioned to flats years ago because of how much I love the aforementioned running.

    Welcome to my world :)

  2. Hilarious! I'm new to your site (and the blogging world), but I can definitely relate. My friend and I were at a craft fair today when we turned down free wine! I honestly can't even completely wrap my brain around that entire sentence... At a craft fair, turned down wine, turned down FREE wine. I'm still in shock.

    Thanks for the laugh!!!

  3. okay kali i saw your pictures of the dogs and i was surprised that yous got another one. are they coming to your
    mom and dad's over the holidays? guess you don't know who this is but it is a relative of yours and i hope that
    you can guess who it is. i see ya once or twice a year and that is about it and i live local .


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