Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Commit To Fit Challenge

My dear friend (in real life), Rennay, blogs over at Vegetarian in the Ville. If you love fitness advice, race training recaps, and/or witty humor, Rennay is your girl. 

She just became a certified personal trainer and started her own company! (You go girl.) So, naturally, I hammer her for free advice constantly.

A few examples of texts Rennay could receive from me at any point in time:
"If I do laps in the pool with a kickboard does that still count as a workout?"
"I've been on the elliptical for 30 minutes and my toes are now numb."
"How to I make my calves not so huge?"
"How much Pepto can you give a dog?"  - Did I mention she use to be a vet tech too?

Wealth of knowledge, that one.


Rennay's company is launching a Commit to Fit Challenge and I encourage EVERYONE to get involved! It's very convenient that she is running this at the current time because my company is hosting a "Hold That Line" challenge where we have to either lose weight or stay the same weight through the holidays. So, what better way to help me achieve that goal, than to join Rennay's Commit To Fit Challenge that will help me stay on track each week!

I must be butter cause I'm on a roll.

Except no butter allowed.

Or rolls.

This will suck.

Enough of my rambles...I'll just let Rennay explain all of the deets. 

Starts November 30th; Winner announced December 21st

Everybody stresses between Thanksgiving and Christmas and as life quickly gets in the way, our voluntary activity level is usually the first thing to suffer. The goal of this challenge is to remember that being active is a lifestyle and not necessarily a specific workout plan. Think ahead and plan to do what you want to do when you can do it.

So how does it work?

You set your goal.

This is not a one size fits all program. Weight loss is extremely personal so the focus of this challenge is consistency and building activity into your everyday life. The great part is this can integrate into other challenges you might be a part of or just give you incentives to keep doing what you already do!

  • Goals must be activity based and easy to track (i.e. run 3 days per week, be active for 30 minutes per day, etc.).
  • Your goal can change week to week but must be set by Saturday at noon 
  • Your success in meeting your goals for the week will be based on a point system
    • Meet 100% of your goal – 5 points (per week)
    • Meet 50%-99% of your goal – 3 points (per week)
    • Less than 50% of goal – 1 point (per week)
  • A week runs from Sunday to Saturday and points will be calculated by Sunday evening
  • There will also be opportunities each week to earn extra points and get a jump on the competition!

Join for $25 and enjoy: 

  • A private Facebook community
  • The opportunity to win prizes in addition to the Grand Prize of a $50 Visa Gift Card
  • Full use of Trainerize fitness scheduling and tracking software
  • An optional online personal training consultation
  • Help with attainable and realistic goal setting

Or join for FREE and still be eligible for the grand prize while gaining support and motivation from others in the group!

Sign up online here or if you have more questions, leave a comment or send me a message.
Once you're signed up, tell your friends! 

The more people we get the better the prizes, so let's have fun and enjoy a little friendly competition through the holidays!


  1. Thanks for posting! The more people we get the better the prizes (and there will be more of them!)

  2. This looks like fun! I'm all about motivating groups to help me out, especially once the gross cold winter hits!


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