Monday, November 3, 2014

Pre-Planning Visit ~ Tahoe

We will be having our 2015 Summer Meeting at the Hyaty Regency Lake Tahoe. Since this event was contracted before I started with the company, I haven't seen the property. Which, as you may gather, is troublesome considering I'm the one planning the entire event.

So for the handful of events that were contracted BK (before Kali), I've been making quick trips to the destinations to tour the resorts, map out our space, and make any necessary changes.

I flew directly from Phoenix to Reno for a quick one-day trip. From Reno I was driven about an hour, up a mountain, and then back down, to get to Incline Village, NV.

Like I mentioned in my Phoenix/Scottsdale post, I was in awe of a totally new landscape. Where Arizona was desert and mountains, Tahoe was pine trees and mountains. Pine trees as tall as sky scrapers. All around you. It was a sight to see.

I'm kicking myself for not stopping on the way down the mountain. As soon as the trees opened up and I got the first glimpse of the Lake, it literally took my breath away.

I love lakes that are so huge they look like oceans. Like the feeling you get on the beach in Chicago. It's sort of the same, except the water goes as far as you can see and is back-dropped by mountains instead of sky.

I toured the hotel with my sales and event reps, who are both blonde like me. We promptly named ourselves the "Blonde-tourage" and proceeded to have a fabulous tour and dinner at the lakeside restaurant. It was the perfect ending to a great work trip!

Couldn't get over the huge pines, or their HUGE pine cones!

 The cottage I was staying in had a TV in the bathroom mirror. I want one!

When the sky turned pink even the servers at the hotel popped outside to take pictures. I figured if the locals thought it was a stunning view, then clearly I needed to snap a few.

Can't wait to go back to Lake Tahoe next August!

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