Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tim Tuesdays

Me: "How was your cookout at work?"
Tim: "My paper plates were a big hit. Everybody took one."

Text from Tim: "Just got I.D.'d for a rated R movie....again."

Text from Tim: "Full disclosure, I ate 8 cookies in one sitting last night."

Hot Mix, my fish, died today after a week.....Just got a call from Tim.
Me: Hello?
Tim: (in a slow creepy voice) This is Hot Mix calling you from my watery graveeeee.
Me: Too soon dude.

Watching the Golden Globes...
Tim: There's so many good movies that we will never see.
Me: Eh. I really just prefer the more mainstream movies.
Tim: Yea. Like Clueless. And Clueless Goes to College.

Me: I want a milkshake.
Tim: So you can bring all the boys to the yard?


  1. Cracking up. For real. I need to start writing down some of the shit Kyle says for a blog post!

  2. This is hilarious. Must appreciate a guy who will chime in with "bring all the boys to the yard".

  3. bahahah that's awesome. he's really funny!

  4. Ha! He's hilarious! My favorite is the paper plates comment. ;)


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