Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tim Tuesday

(How many dogs can you find?)

And...Tim just got i.d.ed at the Game Stop to make sure he was 17.

(Draw Something with Tim) - I have to make him guess "sandwich". 
I write: "what you always ask me to make you and I never will."
Got it on the first try.

Told Tim to make Bear an ID tag. He comes back with this:


Me: "I just realized I was eating a salad when my teeth scraped and I chipped one. Then yesterday I was eating a salad when my retainer popped off. Lesson = salads are bad."
Tim: "Tell me that when you’re 800 pounds because you stopped eating salads."

Tim: "I just cracked an acorn with my teeth and ate it. Terrible. Squirrels must have no taste buds."

Me: "Mom’s Magazine felt the need to email me their new issue."
Tim: "Something you need to tell me?"
Me: "Defnitely not. Maybe having 3 dogs equals 1 baby?"
Tim: "Probably."

Tim: "What’s that breed of dog I like? Cous cous?"
Me: "Cane Corso. Cous cous is rice."
(Still calls it cous cous every time.)

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