Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tim Tuesdays

Every time someone says "cute dog!" to us Tim says "its a cat." And when people ask what type of dog Piper is he always says something random like "Dalmatian" or "mountain lion" with a dead serious face. Poor people are so confused.

Me: "It's so weird that you like ugly dogs."
Tim: "I have the same taste in women."

Seriously?? Tim put this as my address on a self-addressed piece of mail!!! 
And it was delivered today!!

Every time we go through a drive thru Tim uses a ridiculous accent to order. Today: hillbilly redneck.

Tim: "I never get to eat what I want to eat because Kali doesn't like anything."
My Dad: "Welcome to Kali-World"

Tim: My muzzleloader (gun) is the cheapest one they make.
Tim’s Grandpa: I figured you had a $1000 one.
Tim: I don’t have $1000. I thought I was going to one time but then I got a girlfriend.

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  1. hahaha! the first one reminds me of a time the cashier at costco congratulated my fiancé and I on our pregnancy and erik looked at her dead serious and said, "she's my sister." i could have died.


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