Thursday, December 18, 2014

Commit To Fit Update 12/18

It's our last week of the Commit to Fit challenge! For some reason I didn't realize it was only 3 weeks so man it flew by! Below is a little recap of how I did and thoughts moving forward.

Week 1 Goal: Get to 15k steps 3 days during the week.

Since I was at the meeting, I couldn't do actual workouts. But I walked a lot! I only went over 15k once, so I didn't rack up too many points that week.

We get scored on the following point scale:
  • Meet 100% of your goal – 5 points (per week)
  • Meet 50%-99% of your goal – 3 points (per week)
  • Less than 50% of goal – 1 point (per week)

Week 2 Goal: Do a gym workout at least 3 days during the week.

I was able to do all three of these because I was back to my normal routine. The early morning workouts before heading to the office are still fitting nicely into my schedule and I'm enjoying them!

What's cool is that Rennay gives tons of chances during the week for extra bonus points. It's fun to share our fitness pictures and updates on our social media sites and just by doing that you can gain extra points for that week!

I came in second place this week so I won a $5 gift card to a place of my choosing! I picked Petsmart because we keep them in business anyway.

 Week 3 Goal: Run 2 miles at least 3 times during the week.

I've got one in this week so far. So will do one tomorrow and Saturday morning to round out the goal! And that's the end of my first #CommitToFitChallenge!

I really liked participating in this challenge for several reasons:

  1. I just love Rennay. She's so helpful without being judgemental. She puts up with ALL of my dumb questions!
  2. It makes me feel like part of an intimate community that share a similar interest. Yes, we are "competing" with each other to win prizes each week and overall, but it's a supportive group nonetheless.
  3. It gives me a reason to stay on track. If I wasn't doing something like this, I might let a gym day slide and not worry about it. But with my goals, I'm determined to complete each and every one of them! Accountability at it's finest!

So here's the good news! Rennay is doing another #CommitToFit Challenge! This one will start us strong the week after Christmas and bring us all the way through January! (5 weeks). And one of the best parts about it.. IT'S FREE! So, why not join us! (There is also a paid version that gets you lots of extras, like training tips from Rennay and access to a tracking app! I recommend the paid since it's only $25! But if you can't swing it, free is available too!)

Click here to sign up for the challenge and enter your first week's goal. (You set new goals every Sunday). If you have any questions about how it all works, contact Rennay here.

Let me know if you're interested and if you sign up! (Rennay wants to keep track of where registrations come from.) I would love to have even more friends on board this time!

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  1. The week after christmas?!?! I think I'm busy with eating that week!!!!!

    I kid, I kid..... (sorta)


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