Monday, January 19, 2015

Commit to Fit Update - Week 4 of 5

So we are on our second round of the Commit to Fit Challenge. This one is 5 weeks long and we are just starting out the 4th week.

This challenge is really great for just holding me accountable. We have a Facebook group of everyone participating and there are constant posts and pictures of people on runs, at the gym, in the pool, etc.. It makes you want to post and share your own successes. And it also makes you not skip a workout because then you have nothing to share!

So, that's been going well. Despite my trip Chicago that put me back a few days...

Still haven't mastered working out while traveling.

But the good news today is the result from my office competition! In the beginning of November we had a weigh-in. The goal was to remain the same weight or lose weight by the end of the holiday season. So our wellness company came back on January 9 and weighed us all again (on the same scale.)

And yours truly was down 4 pounds!

Now, for someone actively trying to lose weight, 4 pounds in 2 months is pretty sad, I realize. But, my goal was to negate the typical holiday weight gain and try to stay the same. So the fact I went down at all was a huge accomplishment for me! High fives all around.

We are back to buying healthy options to cook for dinner. My Kroger cart last night was so full of items from the veggie section I looked like a vegan. More high fives.

We also have been having some wellness seminars at work and I recently just attended one on weight training and cardio basics. A lot of it was things I already know, but I did take away some helpful nuggets.

For example, lately my cardio on a treadmill is just trying to run 2 miles or so. I know that interval training is the most effective in weight loss, but I haven't really found a pattern that I like.

Our wellness coach told us to try a 5x5x5 approach. Which is 5 minutes of slow (quick walking), 5 minutes of medium (jog) and 5 minutes of hard (run/sprint). I thought he was going to say after hard drop back to medium then slow, but he said the key is to drop back to SLOW after hard, and work your way up again.

This allows your heart rate to start dropping as you walk, and then as it comes down, you are speeding up, so it keeps it in the higher range longer. Genius.

So I tried the 5x5x5 last night and I liked it. It wasn't too quick of intervals where I feel like I have to watch the clock constantly, and it wasn't too long that I was struggling on the sprint. I did two sets of the 5x5x5 and wanted to do one more by my right foot was acting up a bit (the stress fractured one) and I've learned my lesson about pushing it too hard so I stopped.

Today I can feel that I had a good cardio workout last night and that's always motivating. Like I said last time, the more I workout and eat healthy, the more I want to workout and eat healthy. So here's to keeping this gravy train going!

I promised Tim that I would start trying a new recipe every week. He We want to be able to add in more meals to our repertoire and not continue to eat the same dinners. Understandable, right?

Now, I'm sure most of you are aware of my success in the kitchen. Therefore, I'm finding meals with the most simple ingredients and instructions so that I have a chance at success. If any of them aren't total failures and/or result in my kitchen burning to the ground, I'll share them in a new series I'm going to call "Really Simple Recipes For People Who Really Really Suck at Cooking. Really."

This is the one I'm trying this week!

Fun fact: I watch The Pioneer Women on the treadmill while I work out. (Torture or motivation??)

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  1. I usually use the treadmill during lunch and I would love to try out that 5 5 5 approach! Great idea!


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