Friday, January 30, 2015

Really Simple Recipes for People Who Really Suck at Cooking. Really. - Stir Fry

I'm having so much fun with this series. These 'recipes for dummies' are great for my time, money, health, and sanity!

Last night was stir fry!

Yes, I superimposed the rice into this photo because I forgot it in the beginning! How could I forget the rice? My favorite carb!

1. Assemble the Ingredients:

  • Stir fry meat. Not sure what it's really called. Just look for the beef that is in strips like the photo above.
  • Soy sauce
  • Veggies. We buy a fajita pack (use it all) and a broccoli/cauliflower pack (use half). I also had some asparagus left over so I cut those up and added them as well.
  • Rice. We use original but I'm sure you can mix it up if you prefer a different kind.

Can you believe that's it? Loving it!!

2. Brown the meat in a pan. Toss in some soy sauce as you cook. As much as you want! Drain the meat.

3. Pour all the veggies in the same pan. Start to toss them around and add more soy sauce. Then pour the meat back in the pan with them.

4. More soy sauce. Lots of mixing. I had it on Med-High for about 5 minutes or so. Keep tossing until the veggies look bright and have softened. You can keep adding soy sauce to your taste. I prefer it light on the sauce so Tim just adds more on his plate later.

5. When you're food is almost ready, pop the rice in the microwave for 90 seconds (read instructions on packet).

6. Now your rice, veiggies, and meat are all cooked! Pile some rice on your plate, top it off with the stir fry. Add more soy sauce to your taste.


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  1. I tired making stir fry and somehow I managed to mess it up. But, I will need to try this recipe. It looks so good!


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