Thursday, January 8, 2015

Too Young To Be This Nostalgic

I was leaving a work lunch downtown one day and headed to the parking garage across the street where I parked my car.

As I was climbing the stairs, I was met with this quote on the cement wall in front of me.

"Too young to be this nostalgic."

I don't know who said it, or who wrote it on this wall, but I felt compelled to stop and take a picture of it.

Because I can totally relate to this. I never thought of it in this way, but it's exactly what I feel sometimes.

I'm 26 years old. In the grand scheme of things, that's young. Really young.

Everyone older than me (from 30 year olds to 50 year olds) tells me I'm experiencing the best time in my life and to "live it up." Which I think I am doing. I appreciate that this is a great time in my life, and that it won't last forever.

But the problem is that sometimes I appreciate it too much. I start to worry about how quickly time passes and how we can't make it stop.

I start to worry about what will happen when I'm older. My 26 year old mind turns into a 75 year old mind and I start to panic for myself and for those I love.

I want to soak up as much of my life as I can. I want to take advantage of time I have with my loved ones. Which is turn makes me fret about what it's going to be like when that's all over.

And I'm 26 freakin years old!

So this quote spoke to me. I have plenty of time to worry about these things 50 years from now. I need to remember that the next time I start to go to that place.

There's nothing I can do about this now. In fact, there's nothing I can do about it when I'm 75 either. So stressing about it is just wasting energy.

So here's to remembering that I'm too young to be this nostalgic. And here's hoping that I can stop worrying about living in the moment, and just do it.


  1. I love this quote. Though i think it's important to look back, it's also so important to move forward. or like you said, be in the present!

  2. People really say NOW is the best time of life? I always hear 30s and 40s and hope it's true because right now doesn't totally suck but I definitely know I have a lot more in me!

  3. I am the exact same way -- I find myself mourning losses that haven't even occurred yet! My mind turns into a whirlwind of thought about what all I will lose as I get older and it makes me anxious and panicky.

  4. Hey Kali,
    I think many of us find ourselves with the same concerns! It's good sign really as it's basically saving you from wasting your life - you have to love your instincts.

    I took a different turn of thoughts thinking on a similar topic, maybe of interest?
    Don't die before your body dies

    I've added you to my Twitter feed!


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