Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lennox Flour - 7 Months Old

Last week it snowed a foot in Lexington. That's right.. a FOOT. So naturally the city shut down and people went crazy. Our office was closed Monday-Wednesday and we had delays the rest of the week.

You'd think with all the time on my hands I would be uber productive. Working out, doing laundry, cleaning, blogging! Well, if my blog is any indication of my productivity last week, you can see I did nothing. I used the snowed-in days to post-up on the couch, eat, drink, and nap. It was a nice little stay-cation. But by the end of it I was so over being cooped up in the house and was ready to get back to work!

Something I did make time for last week was watching the dogs romp around in the snow. It was Lennox's first time seeing snow and so Piper loved showing her how awesome it is. (Bear is a big baby and doesn't like the cold or snow. So he just did his business and came back in.)

Anyway.. today I thought I would share an update on Lennox because last time you saw her, she was just a few weeks old and now shes almost 7 months! 

The day we got her!

About 4 months here.

First bath!

Lennie is a very independent little girl. She likes to explore on her own and do her own thing. She is also crazy about food. We thought the other pups were bad about begging, but she takes the cake. Literally.

She's really sweet. She likes to play and will cuddle with us, on her own terms. She's got a great temperament. If Piper steals her toys, she just moves on to something else.

So Lennox loves to sit on things halfway. Whether it's the steps, the back of the couch, or this mattress that was going out to the trash, she loves having some legs on, some legs off.

Lennox finally passed Piper in size! She's about 33 pounds currently!

And that's our Lennox Flour! She's maybe the cutest mutt I've ever seen. And, like Piper, who knows what the heck she is! I'm still convinced she's 95% wolf.


  1. She is such a cute pup! She is also getting so big!

  2. Ahhh soooooooo adorable! German Shepherds are the best! Ours is almost three but those puppy pictures so remind me of when he was a baby. And her half-sitting thing is ridiculously cute!


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