Monday, February 2, 2015


I'm sure every one of you saw it last night, but in case you missed it, you want to rewatch it, or you want to talk about it, here is the awesome, inspiring, powerful, and necessary ad that Always aired last night during the Superbowl

Here is the actual commercial that aired yesterday:

It's interesting that the little boy admits to insulting girls but then denies insulting his sister. That is so representative f how many people respond to this issue. They have one opinion about women in general, but get defensive/protective when talking about their women. Food for thought.

Also, when the little girl at the end says, "It run as fast as you can", I mean.. cue the waterworks. I lost it. 

YES, little girl. You always run as FAST as you can. Run like a girl. Even when that means beating a boy.

Here is the longer video that shows more of the campaign:

Dakota with the freckles... love her! What an awesome little girl. She packs a punch.

Love these quotes:

"Yes, I wake up in the morning like a girl, because I AM a girl."

"Why can't run like a girl also mean win the race?"

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What were your thoughts on the commercial?


  1. It was SO good! Thanks for posting the longer version. I'd not seen it and it's awesome too!

  2. I'm an American living in Australia, so I didn't get to see the commercials. Thanks for sharing this. I saw twitter light up yesterday with this hashtag. Then, I saw males start making negative comments. One said something like "Ok, now you've thrown a ball and ran, why don't you get your period #LikeAGirl?" I seriously wanted to find that guy, shake him and say "it is people like you that this ad exists". Fortunately, most of what I read was uplifting, but sadly the negative sticks. :(

  3. It definitely brought tears to my eyes - what inspirational little ladies!!!

    xoxo B | The Sequin Notebook


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