Friday, March 27, 2015

Best Quotes From the UK vs. WVU Game

So, for any of you not aware, UK played WVU last night in the Sweet 16. Well, Tim is a huge WVU fan, and (duh), I'm all for the Wildcats. So needless to say, game day was interesting. Luckily, I'm in Austin, so there was no bloodshed. 

(In case you didn't see - UK destroyed them. Not bragging... that's a fact.)

Anyway....thanks to my Dad for writing a blog post for me today! (Really he just sent me this email and I stole it.)

Take it away, Dad!

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Best quotes about last night’s game:

Daxter Miles (before the game): “Salute to them getting up to 36-0, buttomorrow they're gonna be 36-1. They're gonna be 36-1"

Devin Booker: “36 and WON”

Daxter Miles (after the game): “They played great!"

Bob Huggins: “They've got -- that's the best defensive team I think that I've ever coached against.”

Announcer: “If this were a fight they would have stopped it a long time ago!”

Announcer: “I’ve been broadcasting basketball for 20 years, I’ve never seen anything like this!”

Announcer: “These are men playing against boys!”

Halftime: After Kellogg and Kelly explained how WV could get back in the game they asked Charles Barkley. His reply: “This game is O-V-E-R!”

Best captioned pictures I saw:

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Go Cats!

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