Monday, April 6, 2015

Really Simple Recipes for People Who Really Suck at Cooking. Really. - Pulled BBQ Chicken & Cheddar Biscuits

Excited to share this one with you all today because this is one of my favorite simple go-tos lately. Pulled BBQ chicken, asparagus, and... a new addition... Red Lobster cheddar biscuits! YUMM.

1. Assemble the ingredients:

  • Boneless chicken breasts
  • BB sauce of choice (Tim loves "City", I prefer "Montgomery Inn"- shoutout NKY)
  • Asparagus
  • Olive oil
  • Biscuit mix (read box)
  • Shredded cheese
  • Wine (for drinking) I went with a cab on this particular day.

Boil water and toss in the chicken for about 25 minutes until it shred-able.

While that's going, red the biscuit box and mix in the goods.

Put them on a baking sheet and pop them in the oven. Make sure to spray it even if you have foil or else they stick!

Put some olive oil in a pan and toss in the green sticks that make your pee smell.

Once your chicken is cooked, pull it out of the boiling water and shred it on a cutting board. I use two forks to shred as it makes it easy to pull the meat apart.

Get out a frying pan and turn it on Med-Lo. As you are shredding, toss chicken into pan. Keep adding BBQ sauce as you go. This keeps the chicken warm, and heats up the sauce on it.

Keep stirring to coat all of the chicken.

Finish all of the chicken and add as much sauce as you like!

Pull out the biscuits and drizzle on the melted butter (per box instructions).

(These were way more golden-brown looking in real life! Camera doesn't do it justice!)

If you like a sandwich, get yourself a bun and fill it with chicken! I prefer it sans bun, so I just dig in!

And voila! A quick, easy, and super yummy meal! And leftovers I actually want to eat!

Happy Monday!

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