Tuesday, May 5, 2015

30 Miles in 30 Days

I've fallen off the fitness wagon a bit. I wouldn't say I tumbled out the window and am watching it pull away into the sunset, but I'm more like dragging along side of it as my ankle is wrapped up in a rope.

Needless to say, I'm ready to swing back up and onto the platform. I went through my blog to find the last time I posted about fitness. It was Monday, February 9. Yikes, that seems like forever ago. I believe it was around that time that there was a foot of snow on the ground. Twice. Now it's sunny and glorious here in the bluegrass.

I just went over to MapMyRun to see how and when my fitness efforts started fading. February and March were still pretty good. Despite travel weeks, I was still going to the gym early a few times a week and getting in cardio and strength.

So from about September 2014 to March 2015 I was riding the fitness train like nobody's business. But it always seems to happen that once we get close to one of my events (3 per year) I prioritize other things and slack on the workouts. And then we GO to the event for a full week and I literally have zero free time.

Sunday the motivation struck to get back on there on a consistent basis. I got an email from Map My Run to participate in a 30/30 challenge (30 miles in 30 days). And it just so happened that Monday we had a wellness seminar at the office and kicked off a fitness challenge among our staff. We just have to tracked our exercise activity for the month.

So I'm all in for those two challenges. Here's my progress on the 30/30 so far...

Despite starting a few days late, I'm still doing OK. I'm actually long overdue for some new running shoes so I'll be heading to John's Walk/Run Shop this week to finally upgrade. (And I have a gift card from winning a 5k a while back!)

The only hiccup I foresee for May is that I'm getting ALL FOUR widsom teeth pulled next Thursday. So I will be bed-ridden for a couple days. (Can you say dreading this more than I've ever dreaded anything ever before???)

Hopefully I can still make up those days with longer runs on other days in the month. I just love little tracking challenges like this because you can do it with friends (Hey Joanna & Kylie!!) and you have a way to keep yourself accountable.

I'll be posting some updates on Instagram throughout the month using the hashtag #30Miles30Days. If you're feeling squirrely, feel free to join us!

Happy Running!


  1. Great challenge. The silver lining about your wisdom teeth is the meds they give you. Took me about three days to recover. Good luck. (PS: This is kelly from the former Miss MP).


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