Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Ponytail

I posted this picture on Instagram this morning...

I was at the gym lifting some weights and then adding miles to my #30Miles30Days goal. I looked in the mirror and noticed The Ponytail.

The Ponytail and I have a long history. I'm someone who feels way more comfortable rocking a long pony than when my hair is down and perfectly styled. The Ponytail is my comfort zone.

I grew up in sports. I didn't do dance or gymnastics, I played sports.... Basketball, volleyball, slow-pitch softball, fast-pitch softball, soccer, even ultimate frisbee. I loved competition, winning, being part of a team, and the challenge. 

Basketball practices were terrible. Volleyball was even worse. But I loved it. I soaked it all up. My poor parents went to every single game. Even the 3on3 basketball tournament outside on blacktop in 100 degree weather.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Run 30 Miles in June

The problem with sharing your fitness goals on your blog is that you have to own up to not meeting them. But, that's always why I like it - it's holds me accountable. Because I don't like to fail. I actually dislike it very much.

I joined a May challenge to hit 30 miles in 30 days. I was going to do with with a mix of walking and running because I knew my wisdom teeth removal would hinder me a bit.

What I didn't know is that I would not be allowed to exercise for a week and then one of my extraction sites would get an infection so my recovery time was much longer than expected. So, I ended up only getting 23.03 of 30 miles in May. Whomp whomp.

But it's a new day and a new month, so I'm ready to get back out there! I've set a personal goal for myself to RUN 30 miles in 30 days in June!

Follow me on Instagram and if you're feeling frisky, join me using the hastag #30Miles30Days.

Running with the pups will be even more fun because I finally tossed the old running shoes and upgraded to these pretty little things...

I'm going back to Tuesday/Thursday mornings in the gym. I know that strength training is just as important as cardio so it's coming back into my life!

I'm also going to try to get back on the healthy eating bandwagon. I was doing well for several months and for some reason it's been really tough as of late. I find myself craving things constantly. So, I'm working on curbing those cravings.

If you're like me and need all the fitness motivation you can get, I suggest checking out Southern Shrinking Yankee. She's on an awesome weight loss journey and her dedication to boot camp and meal planning is on point! Also, her very honest writing is refreshing!

I also like to go back and read some of my previous fitness posts. Some quotes that stuck out to me today:

"The important thing I've found to remember about fitness is that yesterday has no bearing on today. ... even if you fell off the wagon yesterday, that doesn't mean you can't do well today.

"I've never gone down in weight, just up, so this is new territory for me. I also think that is why I'm less concerned with the number right now, because I'm not desperate to lose 15 pounds (although that's the ultimate goal). I am desperate, however, to create good habits now, realizing that if i don't, I may be at a point later that I don't want to be. Instead of letting myself get to that point and then try to fix it, why not just try to prevent it altogether?"

If you have recently posted anything about fitness motivation, please share! I love to read others thoughts on how they stay on track and what works for them.

Before I go, I want to give a little shout out to our Piper Jane. Today she is 3 years old! She is our original pup and I love having this little rambunctious rug-rat in our lives! Read about the day we adopted her here!

Happy Monday!!