Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Ponytail

I posted this picture on Instagram this morning...

I was at the gym lifting some weights and then adding miles to my #30Miles30Days goal. I looked in the mirror and noticed The Ponytail.

The Ponytail and I have a long history. I'm someone who feels way more comfortable rocking a long pony than when my hair is down and perfectly styled. The Ponytail is my comfort zone.

I grew up in sports. I didn't do dance or gymnastics, I played sports.... Basketball, volleyball, slow-pitch softball, fast-pitch softball, soccer, even ultimate frisbee. I loved competition, winning, being part of a team, and the challenge. 

Basketball practices were terrible. Volleyball was even worse. But I loved it. I soaked it all up. My poor parents went to every single game. Even the 3on3 basketball tournament outside on blacktop in 100 degree weather.

Throughout my entire sports career, there was always The Ponytail. Somehow it became a staple to my athletic success. If I didn't have The Ponytail, I didn't do well. It got to the point where if my Dad showed up to my basketball game and he saw me walk out with a bun, he would yell at me. 

On game days, Dad would always say, "Don't forget...ponytail today." (This coming from a man who couldn't create a ponytail if he had a thousand lifetimes.)

Sorry, sister. I can't get up until The Ponytail is fixed.

My mom was going through my old stuff a couple weeks ago when I was home and pulled out trophy after trophy. It was fun to see my childhood passion sitting there all together.

Sports were such a huge part of my life. Not only were they my passion, but they taught my so many great life lessons along the way. Dedication, determination, hard work, teamwork. Sports taught me how to not get discouraged when you're losing, or when someone else is getting more playing time, or when the coach is screaming in your face. Sports taught me that nothing good comes without the effort. And maybe most importantly, sports taught me that girls can do anything boys can do. (And even better most some of the time.) :)

There's no way I can keep all of these trophies. I have no storage and strong "purge" tendencies.

But I'll always hold on to sports. I'll always hold on to The Ponytail.

We play in a kickball league every week. And you know I'm rocking The Ponytail every game.

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