Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mid-Year Fitness Report: The Best Yet

I didn't get to 30 miles in 30 days in June. I only got to 17. I had a very strange break out all over my face which we think was poison ivy (still unsure to this day how I got it) and so my doctor suggested I avoid getting hot until it cleared up. 

So even though I didn't hit that goal, I'm here with good news. June was still pretty bad ass...

I was so excited when Map My Run sent me my monthly work out report and my mid-year report. Usually I look at these reports and think, "That can't be right. I know I went to the gym more than 2 times! I know I ran with Bear more than that. I had to, right? Why is that whole week empty? I really only ran that many miles? It sure felt like way more than that!"

That's part of my problem. I'll work out once and for the next few days I'm on cloud nine relishing in my superior commitment to fitness. Only to then realize you actually have to CONTINUE to work out... like constantly. For the rest of your life.


But, I have to say, looking at my reports this time - the reaction was different...


I know people always like to be self-deprecating and focus on what needs improving but for once I gave myself a pat on the back. For the first time in my life I've been making fitness a priority. For several months, I've really felt that fitness is part of my lifestyle. Or becoming part of it.Yes, there have been weeks were I wasn't at my best (or sick or traveling). But overall, I've really kicked up the fitness.

I want to work out. I want the results of working out. I want the endorphins and I was the long-term results. I feel bad after a few days of no exercise. And that's good. I want to have those reactions. It keeps me going.

 June was my best month to date and the past January-June were my best 6 months to date. This encourages me to keep going and to keep doing better.

Now if only I could stay away from chips and queso...

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  1. Staying away from the queso AND continuing to stay on the work out train. The struggle is real. haha. Congrats! That chart is nice to see and might help motivate me as well! Maybe I'll give it a shot. Thanks for sharing your motivation and excitement! ♥



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