Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Experience with Invisalign (Before & After Photos)

If dental pictures freak you out (like they do me), then I suggest you just pass over this post. However, I really wanted to talk about my experience with Invisalign and didn't think I could do that thoroughly without showing my before and after pictures. So, fair warning!

Invisalign worked for me. Not only did it fix my bite, widen my mouth and straighten my teeth, it also worked for my lifestyle. For anyone who wants to perfect their smile and isn't in high school, they know the importance of doing it discreetly. I mean, who wants to walk around with metal braces as an adult?

To find out exactly how Invisalign works and if it's right for you, visit their website and talk to your Orthodontist. I just wanted to share the pros and cons of this process from my personal experience.


  • Perfect teeth. This outweighs any con in my book. Not only do they straighten your teeth, they correct your bite, enlarge your mouth, etc.
  • Better option than veneers because you keep YOUR teeth, no filing down and gluing on false teeth. My dentist encouraged orthodontia because my teeth are very healthy and in great shape. Veneers are a much quicker "fix", but in the long run I'm so glad I have my teeth.
  • Almost invisible. It's true that most people I talked to had no idea I had my trays in. It wasn't a distraction in conversation. This is so important especially for adults in the business world.
  • You can take them out! Eating was so easy because I could just pop them out and eat whatever I wanted.
  • You can see it working. You can feel it working. Every two weeks you change your tray and each tray gets straighter and straighter. 
  • Your snacking and munching habits all but disappear. It's so not worth another brushing and rinsing just for a cookie. So you don't eat the cookie. I lost weight!

  • While it's great that you can pop them out to eat, there were some downfalls. Like having to brush your teeth after every meal, snack, etc. Like I said, you rethink all snacks.
  • Always having to bring tooth brush, paste, floss with you everywhere. Suddenly you are very aware of eating. Road trips are hard, dinners out with friends/parties are hard. Social things with food get harder to navigate.
  • They tell you to keep your trays in for 22 hours a day. That leaves 2 hours a day for eating. Well, that's not always practical. However, I came to realize that the 22 hours was an oversell for those patients who aren't strict with the program and I could easily have them out for 4-6 hours a day with no problems. 
  • Can make for some awkward moments. If someone offers you food out of the blue, you can't just pop it in your mouth. And if they don't know you have Invisalign, you can't just reach in and pull out your trays.
  • Overall it took about 1.5 years, maybe a bit longer from actual start to finish. It's definitely a long-term commitment. But, again, it's all worth it in the end.

Invisalign was definitely an adjustment. I had to get use to the trays and the everyday inconveniences that you wouldn't necessarily expect. But I eventually got use to it and figured out how to work it into my lifestyle.

Any orthodontic procedure is usually going to be long and require much dedication. (Let's call it like it is - it's a pain in the ass.) With that in mind, Invisalign was the best option for me. I am overwhelmingly pleased with my results and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

And now for the pictures! (Please keep in mind that my ortho's office is an hour away so my appointments were always at 7am in my sweats with no makeup!)



Have any of you used Invisalign? Or another method? Have any questions for me? Let me know!

(I was not compensated for this post. I am not affiliated with Invisalign. All thoughts are my own.)


  1. Great results! :) I had traditional braces when I was a kid, but we've talked about getting Invisalign for my husband!

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