Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Running Playlist for Fall 2015

I love doing running playlists for you guys, but this one may be the best yet. Normally they feature songs that I've been rocking out to for several weeks. But the other day I was on the treadmill and wanted something new to listen to so I launched Google Play random playlist (it's similar to Pandora) and there were several new songs I hadn't heard but that I really liked. So allow me to share the goods with you!

Warm Up

Drag Me Down - One Direction

Here -  Alessia Cara

Mile 1

Golden - Travie McCoy

Whip It! - LunchMoney Lewis

Black Magic - Little Mix

Mile 2

What Do You Mean? - Justin Bieber

Classic Man - Jidenna

Stressed Out - Twenty One Pilots

I'm sure you can tell by now that my music taste is quite diverse. This isn't a sound I'd typically go for, but after one listen I was hooked. It's just different. So much music lately is so 'poppy', I can't handle it. Originality always wins in my book.

Mile 3

Ex's & Oh's - Elle King

How Deep Is Your Love - Calvin Harris

Soap - Melanie Martinez

I know, I know.. this song sounds so weird. Especially for a running song? But stick with me, here. Listen to the background beat. It's fast, almost double-time. Now match your steps with that for the entire song. It's a great last push, depending on your pace. It will have you running at least a 9:30 mile. And it's got some awesome twists and turns. Like I said, originality wins.

Cool Down

I Think I'm in Love - Kat Dahlia

Cheerleader - Omi

Hope this help the next time you hit the pavement!

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  1. love your picks!!!! calvin is a genius, can't get enough o what do you mean, and OBSESSED with Alessia. Her whole album is awesome.


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