Tuesday, September 1, 2015

There's Something Magical About Montreal

Sometimes I go on a site visit to a new city and I enjoy it. I come back and start the hotel selection process and log it away as another completed task. And then there are times I go on a site visit and I really connect with the city. It becomes one of those places I tell everyone about and I can't wait to return to.

Montreal was one of those cities. I love Montreal. J'adore Montreal.

Montreal has it all. If you want downtown dining and nightlife, they've got it. If you want hiking, biking and greenery, they've got the mountain! If you want river front action, check. And if you want to take a European stroll back in time, well there's Old Montreal.

Let me just say that I am an American through and through. But, I'm not going to lie, Canada has their sh*t together. Montreal has the most ridiculously low crime rate, there are no racial tensions, everyone just seems to live and let live. I wish our great country could be more like that...

Also, I need to talk about Canadian bagels. I can't believe I didn't get a picture, but let me tell you. They one hundred and ten percent DESTROY our bagels. It's not even a competition, really. They are the most delicious, light, scrumptious things I have ever tasted. 

Just like living in France ruined most American bread for me, Montreal has officially ruined American bagels for me. Looks like I'll stick to pasta for my carbs. (HAH - you thought I'd give up carbs altogether. Yea right.)

^ Pretty much a funnel cake with Nutella and powdered sugar. They might as well call it a 'Kali'.

I brought home wine and bagels! (But obviously inhaled the bagels before a photo could be taken.)

I was spoiled in Montreal. Carol from Tourisme Montreal was my guide the whole way. She took me around, showed me all the important sites (and all the great food!) and helped me decipher the venues. I highly recommend working with them as a planner!

There's something magical about Montreal. I think it's the brilliant mix of entertainment, intrigue, cleanliness, safety, diverse people and landscape, and delicious FOOD. And what really tops it all off is the language. Being surrounded by French speakers who can so fluidly switch back and forth to English is both impressive and maddening (in a sense that I WISH I COULD DO THAT!).

Now off to purchase Rosetta Stone...

Au Revoir, Montreal! Be back in 2017 for a killer event!

Bisou bisou!

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  1. I never really thought of Montreal as one of my must see bucket list of places, I have Canada on there more so Toronto and a few other places scattered around but never Montreal. I just never knew what was there (if that makes sense) and it is never a place I have wanted to search and see what was there. But after reading why you love it so much I think I am going to have to make a pit stop and spend a few days there coincidentally in 2017 too!
    That cake concoction looks lovely, I am definitely having one of those!

  2. Montreal is such a wonderful city. I spent a week there over the Christmas holidays last year and had a fabulous time. We rented a loft in Old Montreal that was walking distance to Notre-Dame Basilica and St. Catherine's Street. Definitely a city I will be visiting again.

  3. Love it, want to go to Montreal now :) - Carrie Yeiser


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