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Dogs are the Perfect Fitness Companion


I like to keep fit, as you can probably tell. I spend a lot of time working on my health and fitness. And recently earlier this year I made a pledge to run 30 miles in June. As you’ll be able to see from the post I took my dog, Piper Jane, with me. And that’s what I want to talk to you about - taking a dog as a fitness companion.
Now, a lot of people like to run with friends, and this is perfectly fine. However, I find that it can be difficult with different schedules and fitness levels. So I decided to start taking my dog with me, and it’s worked great! Here's why I think dogs make such good fitness companions.

When you’re running the last thing you want to do is to be worrying about safety and security. I like to run very early in the mornings, when there aren't a lot of people around. So there is always a risk that my safety could be jeopardized. By having a dog with me, I feel safer. The dog can look out for me, alert people if there’s an accident, and ward off unsavory characters. This allows me to focus on my exercise.
One of the best reasons to take a dog running is perhaps the best reason for owning one in the first place - companionship. It makes those grueling morning runs much less monotonous and strenuous. You have a companion with you who you can spend time with, without distractions. I have found this to be an excellent addition to my fitness routine. So, if you have a dog, I would recommend you take them running with you, as long as they are fit for exercise.
Full of Energy
From a running perspective, the reason a dog is so helpful is because they're full of energy. If you go running with a friend you might be quicker than them. So you might have to slow down to wait for them. With a dog, you shouldn't have this problem. They will be able to keep up with you easily. And they might even push you to run faster. I have a collar and leash from that I love to use. I can grip it and run at the same time, and it helps me keep a constant pace.
When you undertake any sort of fitness, you’re going to need motivation. This is the thing I struggle with the most. Once I get into a routine, I find it much easier to keep motivated. But at the beginning I’m glad to have the dog there. She needs to be walked every morning. So I choose to combine her exercise with my own. That way I multitask, and it gives me the motivation to continue to work towards my goals
If I am going to go out for a run, I know it's always better with Piper Jane or Bear with me. Running with my dog makes the whole process more enjoyable. And that’s why I think they make the perfect fitness companions. Try it out today and let me know what you think!

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