Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Looking for Beauty Solutions

So lately I'm struggling with these makeup issues and can't seem to find the right solution, so I thought, who better to ask than my interwebers.

1. Eyelash curling

I have thick, long lashes that hold mascara nicely. But the problem is they are straight as a board. They actually angle down. I've tried several curlers. This Tarte curler is what I'm currently using. It does a good job but I have to curl a couple times before and after mascara. And throughout the day. (Side note- the Tarte mascara is awesome. Lengthens and defines without clumping. Unlike the Benefit one I tested.)

I was thinking of trying a heating curler like this Panasonic one I've seen ads for. Have any of you tried these? Any suggestions?

2. Eye makeup running/smearing

It must  be the way my eye lids are shaped but my eyeliner/darker shadow always smudges off onto my top lid, leaving a dark line. Is it because I'm using a cheaper drugstore shadow kit currently? I did have a bit more success when I was using the NAKED pallet

But I've tried primer underneath everything and it doesn't help much. Although I still love the silky feel of my Mary Kay face primer.

Perhaps there's something I can put on top of everything to set it? I've heard good things about this Evian spray. Or what about a translucent powder?

3. Anti-aging products

I tried a moisturizer with anti-aging in it but it was too greasy. And I can't seem to find a lightweight moisturizer to use after cleansing that has anti-aging. 

I do have this ROC cream for night but it's hard to remember to use it! Any ideas for how to incorporate anti-aging strategy into my current skincare would be helpful!

/  /  /  /

I'm thinking about joining Ipsy so I can start trying new products. I always struggle with wanting to be cost-conscious but always wanting a good product. So.. calling all beauty bloggers for some help!!

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Happy Tuesday!



  1. For your anti-aging problem (which you do not need, FYI), my friend just showed me this ETSY shop. I don't usually trust skincare from ETSY but she let me try one of the products and it was actually pretty amazing. Maybe it would help you? It's the mermaid mask.


  2. I tried Ipsy for a few months, and I enjoyed it. The only reason I stopped subscribing is because I needed to put myself on a very tight budget. Also, it costs twice as much for Ipsy in Canada than it does in the USA. I liked that I got to try out some different products that I would likely have never tried if I hadn't received it through Ipsy. My only recommendation would be to try and be specific as possible with your likes/interests when signing up, that way you only receive products that you're generally interested in. I was way to "open" to trying a wide variety of products, that I ended up with a few products that I've never bothered to open.

  3. HAHA, I don't do a lot of these "adult" beauty things like I should. :) But I do know about the eyeshadow smudge. I use the foundation primer from Ulta (Ulta Fabulous Face) all over my face (over my eye area too) then I top with mattifying powder before I do my eyes and it really seems to have helped with eyeshadow creases and eyeliner smudging. I use some drugstore eyeshadows too (I swear by NYX brand) and it helps with those as well. Good luck!

  4. OH, and I did Ipsy for a while, but stopped because I felt like I was getting a lot of stuff I didn't use or want. I ended up giving away most of what was in my bag so I cancelled my subscription.


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