Friday, October 16, 2015

The 'MEH' Mood

I got to work today and was thinking about how I'm just not "on it" today. Or really this whole week, to be honets. My energy is low, I'm eating like crap, I haven't been to the gym, my house is a dis-as-ter. And instead of tackling everything, I've been a lazy blob.

As I was scrolling through my daily reads, I saw this post from Steph. What a coincidence that she was writing about just want I was feeling. If "MEH" was a mood, it would be mine this week.

It's strange to me how I can be so fickle from week to week. Some weeks I'm super woman, going to the gym in the morning, killing it at work, coming home and knocking out laundry and even cooking!

Then there are weeks like this when I haven't been to the store, so I don't eat well. I just stare at the laundry pile, the dog-hair covered carpet, sigh, and proceed to the couch for some TV time.

Maybe it's the momentum issue I've talked about before. The more productive and "on it" I am, the easier it is to continue down that path. But when I get derailed from traveling, a fun weekend, or bad weather, the snow ball effect also happens, but in a negative way.

On days like this it makes me think.. are there really people who are "on it" 24/7, 365? It sure seems like there are.

I follow a blogger who is a mother of 3 young children, a wife, a career woman, and runs a lifestyle blog AND a cooking blog daily. She also seems to find time to volunteer, shop like crazy, and decorate her impeccable house for every season. Just reading her blog makes me feel inadequate. How does she do it?

I know the life that is shared online is not 100% real. I know her kids are probably fighting over something stupid and there's probably days they just order pizza (here's hoping). But on days like today, seeing people who are getting shit done makes me even less interested.

I'll just be over here on the couch that's covered in dog hair, thanks.

You've heard me say it before: Yesterday has no bearing on today. I know that I can get back on the train and my productiveness will come right back.

But today, MEH is still hovering over me like a dark cloud.


  1. I'm also in a meh mood this week. For me, the weather is difficult for my body to adjust to. Once it starts getting colder and winter-esque, my body is like NOPE - couch time.

  2. I am usually on it 24/7, but I do get de-railed by travel, illness, a cluttered calendar. All downfalls! I just feel like hibernating right now.

  3. Having no job to go to at the start of autumn/winter definitely makes my mood more MEH than YEAH!!! :( Xo

  4. Definitely in a meh mood this week!! Got so much work to do but just not feeling it. Hope you get out of your slump soon.
    Emma xx

  5. Ugh I feel you! I usually get the "meh" mood on Mondays! xx,kenz

  6. This is exactly where I have been this entire week. Yesterday I went home for lunch to find my boyfriend (who's been doing night shift at the fire station and working a second job during the days all this week) cleaning the kitchen that has been dirty since Saturday. He had also done a load of laundry and tidied our living room. I felt terrible, but I just haven't had the energy or motivation to accomplish anything. At all. I've literally spent every evening on the couch, watching tv. Total bump on a log. But I did cook supper for myself on Tuesday, if that counts for anything at all. Here's to hoping next week is better.


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