Friday, November 13, 2015

If I Had to Describe Myself in a Shirt...

You know when you see something and think that it was made by some magical little elves that reside in your head? Because it's just so perfectly perfect that no one else's brain could have conceived it?

Or something like that.

That's how I felt when I saw this shirt.

All I care about is Rottweilers.

And like 2 people.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Look Out the Window

I arrive at work this morning, energized and ready to tackle the day. I have some intense “excel” to do (as Tim would say) and I was ready to knock out this big item on my to-do list.

I get to the office, park in my usual spot overlooking the pond and now multi-colored trees, and head in the back door. Usually the first one from my team, I head down the dark hall without flipping on the lights. Something about the darkness and quiet before everyone else gets here is soothing to me.

I enter my office and flip on one of two switches so that only half of the florescent bulbs come alive with a buzz.

I start my typical Monday-Friday routine. I power up the computer, turn on my other monitor and digital frame, gazing for a moment at a silly picture of Tim with a bird on his head, and linger on it as it fades out to Piper and Bear snuggled on the couch.

I take my tumbler to the kitchen, clean it out, and refill with fresh ice, water, and a squeeze of lemon juice.

I get back to my office, plop down in my rolling chair, nearly missing, and click away on the screen, firing up everything I need to get to work.

Then, like slamming head first into a brick wall, I see this:

Thursday, November 5, 2015

10 Completely Free and Crazy Useful Resources for Bloggers

I'm so excited to share today's guest post, written by Christine of 'Christine Everyday'. She's dishing about 10 great resources for bloggers and they are all free! I definitely use some of these religiously, and some I haven't heard of! So, while I go test some of these out, go ahead and read Christine's tips. Let us know what you've tried, liked, disliked, or what she can add to the list! ~Kali

/  /  /  /

When I first started blogging, I was under the impression that all I needed was a blog.  I would just type up my posts, submit them to the wide world of the Internet, and wait for fame.  Pretty simple. Oh boy, how wrong I was. Blogging is a constant give and take of work and balance, and so many resources are needed to make our blogs more successful, and to save us time in all the tasks we have to as bloggers.  Between unique photos, social media community, blog design, and everything else, it is so great to have a handful of really useful resources to help you along your blogging journey!


This is my favorite comment platform, because your readers can sign on once and it will keep them signed on - not just on your blog, but on any blog that uses Disqus.  The platform is sleek, pretty, and functional, and allows for comments with minimal efforts.  This prompts more readers to comment, because let's face it, everybody hates having to type in their name, email address, and blog HTML every time they want to comment.  Plus, Disqus allows you to tag other users in comments, which makes it easy to share content with people who may enjoy it.

CoSchedule Headline Analyzer 

This resource from CoSchedule (the producers of many helpful resources) is my favorite.  It is basically plug and chug - put in an idea for a title, and it scores it.  Not only does it give you a numerical score, but it color codes the scores.  A green color is the sign of a decent title, while yellow or red should be worked on!