Friday, March 27, 2015

Best Quotes From the UK vs. WVU Game

So, for any of you not aware, UK played WVU last night in the Sweet 16. Well, Tim is a huge WVU fan, and (duh), I'm all for the Wildcats. So needless to say, game day was interesting. Luckily, I'm in Austin, so there was no bloodshed. 

(In case you didn't see - UK destroyed them. Not bragging... that's a fact.)

Anyway....thanks to my Dad for writing a blog post for me today! (Really he just sent me this email and I stole it.)

Take it away, Dad!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mad for March

March is great for so many reasons...

1. March means the end of winter and the start of spring. After "snowmageddon" 1 AND 2, it's finally warming up here in Kentucky. This makes me so happy. The warm air and the SUN just make me want to drink a beer on a patio, go for a run, just BE outside. Love it.

2. Bastketball. Not much explaining needed here. Not only do I love making brackets and cheering my head off for teams I've never heard off  (shoutout Wofford - I picked your upset!), but ahem.... GO BIG BLUE! Nothing makes me nervous like watching my undefeated CATS go into the tourney predicted to win it all. EEK! #allcatseverything

3. Speaking of March Madness, we are headed to Columbus this weekend to catch some early games! As you may recall, the bf is a WVU fan (ew) so we are going to watch them in the first couple rounds. I'm most excited about the first "vacation" of the year. I love road trips in nice weather and just having fun with the boy!

4. Running. Lately I've been sticking to weights and intervals on the treadmill, but it was so nice out the other day I got home, put Bear in his harness and hit the pavement. We only went 1.5 miles because we are both a little rusty, but it was glorious. I'm going to try to keep outdoor running in the rotation because it's so nice to be out and I love being able to include the pups. 

5. Our first Meeting of the year is coming up in New Orleans! We've got some awesome stuff planned and I can't wait to share some pictures and video with you all! Also, Tim is going to fly out and join me for the tail end of it and we're going to stay through the weekend. We loved the city when we went over NYE, so I'm excited! I think we are going to go on a Swamp Tour! I love alligators so it's right up my alley.

6. Next weekend I'm heading to Austin for my first site visit of the year! My family visited Austin when I was young and I always remember how much I loved it. I only hear great things to this day, so I can't wait! Also, my bestie, Mary, will be joining me from Chicago! I love being able to have her along for some of my work trips since we so rarely get to see each other! If anyone has Austin tips, send them my way.

7. March means we are very close to April. And April is fabulous for two reasons. 1. KEENELAND! The time when all of Lexington comes out from hibernation, busts out some fancy attire, and bets on the ponies! Can't wait. 2. MY BIRTHDAY! I'm going to be 27. I honestly always forget how old I am now. I still feel like 25 was yesterday. Meh.

8. The dogs can't contain their excitement with the warm weather. They just want to dig romp in the yard all day. I would let them, too, if they didn't get covered in mud and if we didn't have white carpet. 12 paws... sigh.

Lennox and Bear ... Nailing the simultaneous licks.

That's about all I got for this Wednesday. Enjoy your day!