Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mid-Year Fitness Report: The Best Yet

I didn't get to 30 miles in 30 days in June. I only got to 17. I had a very strange break out all over my face which we think was poison ivy (still unsure to this day how I got it) and so my doctor suggested I avoid getting hot until it cleared up. 

So even though I didn't hit that goal, I'm here with good news. June was still pretty bad ass...

I was so excited when Map My Run sent me my monthly work out report and my mid-year report. Usually I look at these reports and think, "That can't be right. I know I went to the gym more than 2 times! I know I ran with Bear more than that. I had to, right? Why is that whole week empty? I really only ran that many miles? It sure felt like way more than that!"

That's part of my problem. I'll work out once and for the next few days I'm on cloud nine relishing in my superior commitment to fitness. Only to then realize you actually have to CONTINUE to work out... like constantly. For the rest of your life.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Experience with Invisalign (Before & After Photos)

If dental pictures freak you out (like they do me), then I suggest you just pass over this post. However, I really wanted to talk about my experience with Invisalign and didn't think I could do that thoroughly without showing my before and after pictures. So, fair warning!

Invisalign worked for me. Not only did it fix my bite, widen my mouth and straighten my teeth, it also worked for my lifestyle. For anyone who wants to perfect their smile and isn't in high school, they know the importance of doing it discreetly. I mean, who wants to walk around with metal braces as an adult?

To find out exactly how Invisalign works and if it's right for you, visit their website and talk to your Orthodontist. I just wanted to share the pros and cons of this process from my personal experience.


  • Perfect teeth. This outweighs any con in my book. Not only do they straighten your teeth, they correct your bite, enlarge your mouth, etc.
  • Better option than veneers because you keep YOUR teeth, no filing down and gluing on false teeth. My dentist encouraged orthodontia because my teeth are very healthy and in great shape. Veneers are a much quicker "fix", but in the long run I'm so glad I have my teeth.
  • Almost invisible. It's true that most people I talked to had no idea I had my trays in. It wasn't a distraction in conversation. This is so important especially for adults in the business world.
  • You can take them out! Eating was so easy because I could just pop them out and eat whatever I wanted.
  • You can see it working. You can feel it working. Every two weeks you change your tray and each tray gets straighter and straighter. 
  • Your snacking and munching habits all but disappear. It's so not worth another brushing and rinsing just for a cookie. So you don't eat the cookie. I lost weight!