7 Ways Bloggers Can Grab A Reader's Attention

Blogs are like newspapers and magazines in many ways. They need to grab a person's attention so they readers spend longer looking at the content. The sad truth is that many blogs don't make for interesting reading.

Some of them might have good content, but it could be the layout of the site that lets things down. The Holy Grail of the blogging world is to find a way that captivates an audience and keeps them hooked. Here are seven ways that can help any blogger achieve that goal:

1. Think of blog titles that grab people's attention
All too often when a visitor goes on a blog, what they'll notice first are the blog's headlines. Did you know that many blog owners think of a title first and then write the content? It actually makes more sense to do the reverse. That way, the headline can be captivating.

2. Don't make the content boring
Once a reader gets hooked by the blog post title, they'll want to read the content attached to it. At that stage, it's crucial to make the copy equally as captivating. But what if the post relates to something that isn't that interesting?
One way to jazz things up is by telling a story. People love reading stories. A blog is a great place to tell some stories!

3. Give your content some authority
Let's say that a blog post topic is about issues with a particular way of doing things. Everyone knows the Web is full of people that give opinions on various subjects. Why not quote an industry expert when trying to prove a point?

It'll give blog posts more authority. And, doing so can easily make your content go viral.

4. Keep the content eclectic
There's nothing in Blogging 101 that says site owners must write about the same things all the time? In fact, doing that is one surefire way to bore your readers to death!

Instead, think of interesting subjects that could get written about. Many blog owners get creative and put interesting spins on the things they write. For instance, one example might be something like "How To Be A Spy Like James Bond."

5. Add some cool stock photos to each post
They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In any event, photos help to break up content in a blog post. The great news is that Freerange Stock and similar sites offer useful free images one can use. Sometimes, the best things in life really are free!

6. Don't overdo it with the content
Let's face it; people's time is precious. They haven't got hours to spend reading posts on a blog. They're lucky if they have a mere few minutes! Yes, the content should be captivating. But, it shouldn't be wordy. Get straight to the point but don't make the post content too brief.

7. Create an experience with readers
Last, but not least, it's important that one builds a connection with their readers. That way, they are more likely to share blog post content with their friends on social media.

Good luck!

This is a contributed post, written by Laura Scott.

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