Wednesday, January 6, 2016

DIY Pallet Wall

I'm so excited to share our most recent home project with you today because it has quickly become one of my favorites! (Also - check the end of the post for a giveaway!)

I have to give all the props to Tim on this one. He got the idea, went out and found pallets, and was tearing them apart in the garage before I even knew what was happening. That's how he operates. Once his mind is set on something, it's full steam ahead, as soon as possible. There is no hesitation or delaying. Which is great most of the time! (It only drives me crazy sometimes. :))

So here it is! The pallet wall!


We did this in the water closet of our master bathroom (which is a fancy way to say the toilet room). These rooms are often overlooked. I get it - the only thing in there is the toilet, so why really bother?

But now I'm obsessed with it!! It turned out better than I ever expected.

Here's what we started with. Like I said, pretty boring water closet...
This old light fixture is still there until I can find the right one at the right cost (I'm thinking something like this). But I was too excited to share the results to wait!

We started by removing the old toilet and then painting 3 walls beige (we had leftover paint from other rooms). Then we got a small quart of this dark brown color for the pallet wall. We wanted to make sure it was a dark color so any holes or gaps in the wood wouldn't showcase a bright wall behind it. This color was great for blending in seamlessly!

Tim said the hardest part of this whole project was taking the pallets apart and getting out the nails. I, luckily, wasn't present for this part so I didn't witness it but it took him about two days after work get them all disassembled.

Then he washed them with sponges, dried them overnight, and separated them into piles of ones that were the same width.

We had the wood piles, a saw, and a nail gun in the bathroom and we were ready to go.

Here's a quick step-by-step of what we did:

1. Pick the wood you want to use for your current row. (Can start from either side.)
2. Nail up the first piece.
3. Measure the remainder of the wall for that row.
4. Cut a piece of similar-width wood with the saw.
5. Nail that piece to the wall.
6. Continue for each row, using a variety of colors/widths as you go to get that random look.

I also switched up the lengths of the pieces in each row so that the split placements were varied. Similar to the look of a tile backsplash.

Once you get started, it's a pretty smooth quick process. The only challenge we ran into is that many of the boards were not perfectly straight. So sometimes that affected the row below it which caused some gaps. But with careful piece selection/placement, and the dark color behind it, you really can't tell when looking at the finished product. So don't let small gaps stress you out too much!

Per usual, I suggest a Rottie assistant. Always very helpful.

Voila! The finished product! Tim installed a brand new toilet and I picked up a fun wreath to add a little something to the space. Once we get the new light fixture hung, it'll be perfect!

This project was so cheap! The wood was free so all we paid for was the paint, toilet ($100 - Lowes), and wreath ($20 - Michaels).

And so that you can pick something up at Michaels for your next project, I'm giving away a $25 gift card! Just because this project was so fun and I want to spread the love.... Enter below!


  1. Cute! I wish I was allowed to do any painting or hanging in my apartment...

  2. Check out for a light like that at a decent price! They switch out their deals daily, but I've seen that light made available twice in the month that I've known about the site and for cheap!

  3. I absolutely love how this turned out! I am in the middle of redoing an old china cabinet to put in our dining room and I can't wait for it to be finished!

  4. This is seriously amazing. Like, so amazing that I think this will be my husband's weekend project amazing. It would look so cool in our powder room! Or imagine this large scale behind like a master bed. :D

  5. This is a great transformation! We are currently renovating our basement which includes a bathroom!

  6. We would love to do a huge kitchen remodel.

  7. I'm dreaming of renovating our guest bathroom. The shower is absolutely awful!

  8. I love it- so rustic! I'm obsessed with pallet wood crafts and projects. Hubbs is not so keen.
    I love your smiley, furry assistant ! ;)

  9. I cannot believe this was diy! It turned out so professional-looking!

  10. this is SO cute! my bathroom looks exactly like that - now i have some ideas! very cool :)

  11. I am dreaming of redoing our deck out back as well as our front steps and railing!!

  12. I have a list of like 20 home projects and you just added one hahahaha. But really - I'd like to redo our guest bathroom. I have some of the components but need to paint and that's what's holding me back. #ihatepainting

  13. I'm dreaming of redoing my daughters bedroom

  14. I need to re due my daughters bedroom.

  15. I am dreaming of painting my kitchen cabinets and changing the knobs for an updated look for cheap.

  16. Oh that is so beautiful! I love it!!! I have an old cabinet mirror in one of our bathrooms that I would love to redo!

  17. I am dreaming of re-doing my master bath shower. New tile and fixtures.

  18. I would love to do our kitchen. It needs some new cabinets.

  19. I am dreaming of remodeling the kitchen since it is stuck in the 70's.

  20. I will be putting flooring down in my house soon and this is a project that I have never done before but I think i can do it.

  21. I want to do new tile in my bathroom.



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