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Important Questions To Ask Before Buying Your Wedding Rings

Your wedding rings signify the commitment you have both made as a couple to one another, so they need to perfect. It’s an item you will wear for the rest of your lives so choosing something that you love is paramount. Shopping for your bands is also an incredible experience because it is something that you can do together. But before you head to your local jewellers, there are some essential things you need to think about first. Use this list of important questions to make the wedding band shopping process a little easier.

Do we want to have matching rings?
When you do go out shopping, you are likely to find plenty of couples wedding bands. Coordinated rings are popular for couples who want to wear the same ring and are usually quite simple in their design. However, the idea of matching rings may be difficult if you have varying tastes and styles, making it harder to find something you both like. For instance, your partner may like a chunky gold design whereas you may want something dainty to wear with your Verragio engagement ring. Or you may prefer more traditional looking bands whereas your partner might like a modern design with colored gems. There is no rule to say to have to wear the same band so why not choose something that shows your personality. To keep some coordination between your two rings you could have your wedding date engraved on the inside.

Will it suit our lifestyle?

This may seem like an odd point, but your ring should fit seamlessly into your everyday life. There is little point to buying a wedding band that you have to remove often to suit your lifestyle better. The idea is that you wear this ring for the rest of your life without having to remove it. Think about how you enjoy spending your free time and your work life. If you enjoy going to the gym or playing sports, a platinum ring with rounded edges will be comfortable and won’t scratch easily. Large gems and intricate bands can be a nightmare if you use your hands a lot at work. The continual moving of your fingers and catching the ring can loosen the gems and damage the carvings. While it’s nice to have a wedding ring that stands out, if you aren’t able to wear it there is little point in having one.

What is our budget?
Splashing out on expensive wedding bands can put a financial strain on a newlywed couple. Be realistic and set a budget that you can easily afford right now. You can always save up and replace your wedding bands when you’re more financially stable. It’s brilliant to have a band that is on trend, but invest in something that is timeless and of a good quality. That way it will stand the test of time and remain looking fabulous throughout your life. Also, remember that customization and engraving will cost extra so if you want these extras to include them in your budget.

Hopefully, you should now feel more confident and ready to find the perfect wedding bands for you both. Always choose something that feels comfortable and suits your lifestyle to ensure you can wear it forever.

This is a contributed post, written by Laura Scott.

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