Thursday, January 14, 2016

What I Learned from Severus Snape

By now you've all heard that Severus Snape died. Well, that's not entirely possible as he's a fictional character, but the man who brought Snape to life, Alan Rickman, has passed.

I don't know much about Alan Rickman or his achievements, but I do know, like so many others, about Severus Snape. The man who made us all hate him for hundred of pages, just to fall in love with him in the end.

I was among the millions who read every word of every book and was the first in line for tickets when the movies debuted. Ironically, I'm currently on book five of my second journey through the world of Harry Potter.

Snape's character and story teaches us an important lesson perhaps better than most: Loyalty.

Snape was loyal to Dumbledore in his efforts to keep Voldemort at bay, to assist the Order, and to keep Harry safe.

It's not easy to devote your life to the safety of a child. Especially when that child is the result of a woman you have always loved choosing someone you despised over you. He never liked Harry for looking and acting so much like James, someone who tormented Snape for many years. He didn't get enjoyment from interacting with Harry. Yet, because of his loyalty to Lily and to Dumbledore's cause, he never wavered.

In the real world, we struggle to be loyal and faithful even to those we love dearly. How many times do you hear about cheating or abuse between people who are suppose to be each other's biggest supporters?

We're so quick to judge, criticize and lash out on those who are closest to us. Those whom we should be loyal to above all else.

So today, let's remember Alan Rickman, the man who brought Severus Snape to life. And let's remember how this character was loyal above all else. To the very end.


  1. Love the post! His character was one of my favorites of all time - across any book or movie. What a talented man!

  2. Love this post. Gutted that such a talented and incredible man has passed away. My favourite actor for so many roles that he has played, but Snape was by far the most important in what he taught so many people. <\3

  3. This is such a great post! So true as well, loyalty is everything xx


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