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3 Simple Steps To Make Exercise A Habit

When we first begin our fitness journey, motivation is probably dripping from our pores. We’re fully energised and enthusiastic, ready to make a change to our lives. We’ve read up on all relevant blogs and magazines. Maybe we’ve joined a new gym or an online community. Perhaps we’re just about to start a twelve week programme or some other regime. When we first begin, it’s hard to stop us. We will actually find excuses to exercise. We make time, we plan ahead, and we feel great afterwards. That feeling of accomplishment and taking control is difficult to beat. So if we feel all that so intensely, why does it disappear so quickly? 

Why in only a few short weeks or months do we find ourselves struggling to stay motivated? Excuse after excuse stops us from hitting the gym or lacing up the running shoes. We’re exhausted, we tell ourselves. We’re busy, is another one. We’ll do it tomorrow. We’ve succeeded in making exercise a chore rather than a habit. We made changes to our routine in the beginning but not our mindset or lifestyle. Once we lose that initial motivation, it can take a lot of effort to rekindle it. But don’t lose hope! If we felt that motivation at the start, we can feel it again. But this time, we’ll do it right. If you want to ensure that your exercise becomes a genuine habit, follow these easy guidelines.

Eat Well
Many of us find that we think we have cleaned up our diet just by cutting things out. We think that eating less will make us fitter, or that the only problem areas are sugar and fat. In reality, we need to seriously increase our understanding of nutrition to have success in exercise. If your motivation levels have dipped, there’s a good chance you are not eating well. Maybe you’re eating enough calories, but it’s too low on carbs or protein to sustain a good run. Or maybe you’re eating enough vitamins and minerals, but the calories are too low to stay energised. It can actually be helpful to seek the advice of a professional to get you started. But failing this, get online. Read around the topic and be honest about your current dietary situation. Get advice on trusted forums and advice pages. Many people have probably been through what you’re going through. But if you can address your diet and eat well and effectively, your motivation will soar.

Look The Part
There is more than simply a superficial reason for wearing the right workout clothes. If our workout clothes are an afterthought of old t-shirts and sweatpants, our exercise can become an afterthought too. This is a very personal rule and you might feel fine using your old gear. But if you find your motivation is waning, a change of clothes could be a positive step. It’s a nice feeling to look good on the outside, but what’s really positive is the effect it has on your confidence on the inside. Why not invest in some Kate Spade workout clothes or another favourite brand? If you just need that extra boost to get to the gym, donning clothes that you really love and that get you in the workout mode can be great.

Set A Time
It can be difficult to stay motivated if we tell ourselves we’ll workout “when we get a chance” or “when we feel like it”. Set your watch by it. You are far more likely to keep the appointment with the gym or a run if you have shuffled other things around and set a time.

This is a contributed post, written by Laura Scott.

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