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3 Wonderful Ways To Celebrate Someone's Memory

This is a contributed post, written by Laura Scott.

It is one of the hardest things in life but also one of the most common. Bereavement or losing someone we love can happen at any time. Whether it is sudden or somewhat expected, it still feels like a shock and is always painful. But after we’ve had some time to grieve and heal, one of the best things we can do is to truly celebrate their memory. No-one would want to be remembered for negative or painful times, so try to celebrate the positive, happy times you had together. We all grieve in our own personal ways and for some it is a very private time. For others, they need company, support, and communication. Be mindful of the way your family or friends might grieve and be prepared to compromise on how best to celebrate a memory. If you’ve reached a stage when you’re ready to look back and celebrate, consider this ideas for inspiration.

Visit Their Favorite Place
Many people have a favorite place or one that was special to them during their lives. It can be as specific as a favorite restaurant or bench in a park. Or it can be as general as the beach or a region where they grew up. Visiting a favorite place can feel like a way of reconnecting with a lost loved one. We can relive where they felt happy and carefree. It can be a deeply emotional experience but also makes it feel like they are not too far away. We can choose to take a walk or trip there alone, but it can be even more celebratory to take the family. Family and friends help everything to seem more positive. But it can also be a celebration of a departed loved one to show them that other generations are visiting the spot too! It continues a happy tradition in the face of sadness, and that can be really beneficial for recovery.

A Keepsake
For many of us, objects are not simply a material thing. They can capture a time, feeling, or person in a visual way. Many people have an item that they treasure because it belonged to someone they love, for example. Or perhaps it was given as a gift at a special time. Whatever their significance, special objects can help us feel close to our lost loved one. If we love to wear jewelry, we can wear their favorite stone or even contact companies who turn human ashes to diamonds. This is an increasingly popular way to feel close to a loved one with an item they wear regularly or keep close to them. We can also keep a possession of theirs, or frame a favorite photograph.

Write A Letter
If grief and celebrating life are deeply personal and private for you, writing a letter can be a good option. You do not mail it, of course. But many people have strong belief in the idea that revealing your emotion even in thought or writing can still be “heard” by your loved one. Write a letter to them with special memories, truths, or gratitude. It is up to you whether you then burn the letter while thinking of them, send it out to see, or just keep it in a safe place. It can be healthy and positive not to keep your emotions bottled up. But you don’t always have to reveal them just through talking.

This is a contributed post, written by Laura Scott.

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