Friday, April 22, 2016

Catching Up

Lately, I've found myself make little notes here and there during the day about things I would like to write about. Whenever that happens I know it's time to dust off the ole' blog and let some words flow. This is going to be sporadic so bear with me.

Tomorrow is April 23, which in my biased opinion, is a fabulous day. It happens to be my 28th birthday. It's crazy when you're younger and think 30 is really old and that people in their 30s must be legit grown-ups with very mature mindsets. But when you're actually nearing your 30s, you realize that you still feel 24 inside and you probably always will.

On a related note, have you ever looked at a picture of yourself and realized you have 3 very defined wrinkles under your right eye that definitely weren't there before? And you tell yourself this is the year you're going to be consistent with anti-aging creams? But there's so many that it's overwhelming? I digress... that's a post for another time.

I've been on a home decor fix lately. Once Tim and I completed the pallet wall, and then I finally got up the gallery wall, I've really been wanting to overhaul our furnishings. I've repurposed some items that I originally was going to just toss, so I'll be sharing those soon! I'm about to tackle some canvases that I've grown tired of, so here's to hoping I can give them new life.

At the end of last year we gave up eating pork products. It's been going pretty well. I don't like ham so that's easy. The hardest part is not getting pepperoni on pizza. We recently decided to give up beef as well. As of yesterday. So, that's happening. This one will be a bit harder because I do love a good steak. But, I very rarely order burgers (see what I did there) out and at home we always use venison instead of beef. I think I'll be able to survive off chicken, fish, and venison, so here goes nothing.

On that topic, it never occurred to me that if you make a food decision like this, that every person who hears you say it will ask you about it. Which, I'm fine with the inquisition, but I've had to explain it a LOT. I do recall my vegetarian friend, Rennay, talking about how people bombard her with confusion whenever they found out her non-meat-eating ways, so I guess it really does stun people. So, here's your explanation: pigs are often treated/killed very inhumanely and they are smarter than dogs. We love dogs. And all animals. So we took a small stance. Cows are up next.

I realize chickens and fish are also probably treated poorly, but going completely meat-free is not in the cards for us. We are good with taking our small stance on the subject, regardless of it's insignificance to the industry as a whole. (And obviously we are OK with eating venison because we are the ones doing the hunting, so we ensure they are not mistreated.)

Phew. See why explaining that on a regular basis is not ideal? People of the world with non-regular eating habits, I applaud you.

It's springtime in the Bluegrass which means lush grass, bright flowers, horse racing and patio drinking. It's the best time with the best weather. And summer is just around the corner. Can't get any better than that!

I've been sick for the past week but I can't wait for this cough to hit the road so I can hit the road. I'm ready to run outside again and take the dogs for LOTS of walks.

Speaking of dogs, most of you know that we have 3. But did you know that if you try to walk 2 or 3 at the same time, they are a DISASTER? We're talking crazy pulling, barking/growling at everyone and everything. BUT, if you walk them individually they are like angel dogs sent from heaven to give you an enjoyable walking experience. It's the most bizarre thing.

So, I've taken to walking all 3, separately. Yes, it sounds crazy and yes, it looks crazy. I leave with Bear for about a mile, come back for Lennox for a half mile, come back for Piper for a small loop. It takes forever and my neighbors probably think I'm nuts. But for my sanity, it's necessary.

I don't have a good way to end this post so I'll just leave you with this...

Our kickball team is undefeated.


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