Invasion of the Beauty Products

Have you ever sat down and thought about how many products women are expected to use every day? Specifically speaking, health/beauty products. It's insane. Just one look in my bathroom vanity and you'll see hundreds of bottles and packages of hygienic items that are suppose to make me clean, healthy, pretty or some combination of the three.

With my new found love of Ulta, and my monthly Ipsy subscription, it's been on my mind lately how utterly overwhelming the amount of products one person is expected to use. I mean, it's obscene.

Just off the top of my head, here are the items I own and/or ones owned by female friends:


 hair spray
 thickening spray
 heat protector
 dry shampoo
 frizz serium
 styling gel
 leave-in conditioner


 anti aging
 acne prevention
 acne treatment
 face mist
 blackhead strips
 teeth whitening strips
 contact lense solution

 eye primer
 eye shadow
 eye liner
 eye brow filler
 finishing powder
 lip exfoliators
 chap stick
 lip stick
 lip gloss
 lip liner
 makeup remover 

 body wash

 body lotion
 tanning lotion

 cuticle cream

 base coat
 top coat
 nail polish
 nail polish remover
 nail trimmer
 nail file
 cuticle cutter
 nail buffer

That's 59 things just off the top of my head. That doesn't include hundreds of products in beauty stores whose purposes I have yet to discover. 

I mean, this is beyond absurd. How is one person expected to keep up with a routine that includes all of these on a daily or even weekly basis? Not to mention affording all of these.

I do what I can with the necessities, but I think this just speaks to today's society. Outrageous expectations of beauty mixed with the age of everyone selling us something has created the invasion of beauty products.

My brain hurts.


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