From Naughty Puppy To Star Dog In 5 Quick Steps

This is a contributed post, written by Laura Scott.


A puppy can be a brilliant addition to any family. Kids will love them and you will also enjoy the extra fun and love they will bring to your home. However, there is one obvious downside to a cute puppy. All the mischievous! Puppies can be badly behaved to begin with but if you are strict with them, you can turn them into a perfect pet in no time at all. These steps can help you discipline your new dog.

Give Them Enough Exercise
Some breeds of dog need a lot of exercise. And that can mean a lot more than just running around after a ball in the garden! If dogs don’t get enough exercise, then they will have a lot of pent up energy. This can lead to them getting frustrated and misbehaving. Be sure to take your puppy out for a walk every morning and evening. The longer, the better! There are also great ways to give them enough exercise, such as taking them on an Adventure Dog Day.

Show Them Who’s Boss
It is important to establish that you are the one who is in charge from the start. In their natural environment, dogs would have a pack leader. However, now that they are domesticated creatures, they won’t have another dog to look up to. You need to take that place. From day one, be firm and strict with your puppy so that he or she quickly learns that you are their new pack leader!

Don’t Reinforce Bad Behavior
One of the main reasons a puppy misbehaves is because he or she is craving attention. So the bigger a fuss you make will only be reinforcing this behaviour. Even yelling is sometimes giving them what they want. Instead of reinforcing all this bad behaviour, you should focus on the times when he is well-behaved. Start to treat the puppy when he or she does good, and ignore them when they break the rules.

Take Them To Training
Some people just assume that their puppy will grow out of its bad behaviour. While that can be true of some breeds, more often than not, you will have to actively train the dog. It is possible to train your dog at home. However, this could take some considerable time and patience. It can be quicker to take them to dog training classes. This will also give them the chance to learn how to interact with other dogs without being too aggressive.

Feed Them Well
A dog needs a nutritious diet so that they can lead a healthy lifestyle. If you aren’t feeding them well, they could be suffering from physical problems. This could lead to them taking their frustration out by misbehaving. A healthy puppy will result in a happy and well-behaved pup!

Hopefully, this guide will have given you some very useful dogs in turning a naughty puppy into a star dog! Once you have trained your dog, you will start to see him or her as another family member!

This is a contributed post, written by Laura Scott.

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