Stuck In A Life Rut? It’s Time To Turn The Ordinary Into The Extraordinary

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Sometimes you can just end up feeling like nothing is going your way. There are always humdrum periods of life. But if you feel like you are stuck in a rut and you desperately want to get out of it, it may be time for a lifestyle overhaul. It can be easy to get caught up in the standard routine of everything. Sometimes a job loss or a relationship may trigger a feeling for change. At other times it may be a close friend getting married or someone jumping on their dreams and moving abroad or getting a fabulous job promotion. All those things are there to inspire us to change our own lives for the better. You don’t just want your life to be ordinary; you want it to be extraordinary.

When we are stuck in a career rut, it can often feel like every wrong move or disappointment is making things even worse. This is most probably not the case It’s just the way your mind has been programmed to work. If you are feeling particularly low or unhappy in your job it may be time to explore new avenues. Don’t think that just because you chose a certain career that you have to stay in it for life. If you are not enjoying the work that you are doing, make steps towards moving on. Perhaps you are in a corporate 9-5, but you would rather work at home to commit more time to family and friends. If so consider freelance opportunities such as proofreading jobs from home or setting up your own business in personal fitness, nutrition or something else that you really enjoy. Or it may be that you work in admin or always wanted to teach children. It’s not that hard to take a leap of faith and retrain and get your teaching certificate. Or perhaps you want to work abroad for a year or take up a position in a non-profit organization. The key to getting out of a career rut is being proactive and believing in the possibilities that are out there waiting for you.

Sometimes relationships between partners of friends come to an end. We often drag them out because the pain of missing that person feels like it will be greater than the pain of letting go. But if a relationship is making both parties unhappy, it’s time to have a serious rethink. Life is too short to be unhappy. If you think your relationship is worth fighting for then it may be time for couples counseling. But if deep down you know it’s time to let go, then do just that. The same goes for friendships where it all just seems to difficult. Sometimes it is better to accept that certain friends are there for definitive periods of your life but not there for infinity. It may take a burden off of both of you by breaking away. If you feel you need to socialize more, be brave and join groups, classes, and workshops. This is the perfect chance to meet like minded people and build new friendships too.  

When you are stuck in a rut, the last thing on your mind is self-encouragement. But it pays to give yourself a healthy dose of it. Always remember that are better people out there who are worse off than you. Then get off your butt and start exercising. When you’re in the doldrums, you tend to let health and fitness go, and this has a knock-on effect on everything in your life. Exercise is beneficial for both your mental and physical health. And going for a run or joining a new aerobics class could just breathe the wind into your sails that you need to get out of this sticky groove.

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